Impt Info for Riders


NVCC holds club races for approx. 40 weeks a year. As these are club races they are only open to Club Members.

If you already hold a CA licence as a member of another club, providing you meet the age requirements you can join our club for a fee of $15.

Duty Roster:
A condition of membership is participation in our duty roster. We pride ourselves on our organisation and safety but this requires our members to support the club with a minimum of 1-2 duties a year. Please check the rosters for your week and be at the race by 9:15am to help set up and familiarise yourself with your role for the day. You will require a vehicle.

Feature Races:
We currently run 4 Feature Races a year: Fingal (Feb/Mar);  Quamby (Apr/May); Longford to Campbell Town (Sep/Oct); and the Blackwood Creek 70 (Nov/Dec).

It is a requirement that riders have made a minimum of 5 commitments (e.g. duty, volunteering or racing)  to the club in the 12 months prior to each feature race to qualify for entry, these must include a min. of 3 normal club races. NB: If a rider has not raced regularly enough for the handicappers to form an accurate assessment of their form, in the month or two leading up to the feature race,  it is likely that the said rider may receive a grade higher than they were expecting.

Race Day:
Most of our races are held within 25-35km of Launceston and hence there is often a bunch ride out to the race. This is usually posted on our facebook site in the days leading up to the race, with the bunch commonly leaving from Statewide at either 9.00am for Carrick and Longford races and 8.45am for Bishopsbourne, Whitemore and Hagley races.

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  1. would like info as to the requirements to join club and compete ….contact can be made via email or mobile on 0417349066 cheers

  2. You can join online, through Cycling Australia, or come to one of our races and fill out the forms required. Would love to welcome a new member. Regards Gary Woodfall

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