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June 26th – No Racing – Winter Break.
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Month xxth StartTown – cancelled due to weather.
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June 23rd – No Racing – Winter Break.

June 16th – Longford – Race cancelled due to low numbers.

June 9th – No Racing – Winter Break.

After a pretty much freezing start the sun came out and we had a great morning of racing at Hagley. The luck of the Irish was in the air and the sun shone brightly on one rider who has never been afraid to grasp the nettle, often from distance and particularly uphill!
We had 16 riders at the start today on a course that has something to suit everyone. While Selbourne Road isn’t step enough to trouble the stronger riders it’s just enough to give those that can climb that little bit extra to be able to stay with the fast men and women and that was how it proved to be today.
The frontmarker duo of Brenden Paul Simpson-Kitt and Leigh Pridmore split early with Brenden riding away solo and putting in a lap and a half off the front by himself before the chasers had him in their sights.
Behind Brenden, the second C grade bunch of Ricky Allen, Patrick Coe, Emily Walker and
Scott Miller was making short work of catching the D grade bunch of Michael Dalton, Tim Burford, Melissa Snadden, Garry Cooper and Julian Clayton. With the relentless efffort of Pat and Scott taking its toll, the D grade riders began going out the back, followed by Emily who was distanced on the undulating back half of the course.
Tim Burford was as able to stay on and was soon joined by Brenden as they started the final lap. Meanwhile, the 1st C grade bunch of Kaine Arkley, Stef Shearer and Alex Demeyer and B grade riders Andrew Daly and Phil Jarvie were still some way back and looked to be out of the running unless they could make up significant ground in the final 15km.
On the last time up Selbourne road, our resident selfless diesel workhorses of Scott Miller and Pat Coe put in a couple of massive turns, the first putting Brenden into difficulty and the second ending Tim’s hopes of staying on into Black Lane. The 3 riders out in front were not holding anything back as the raced into Emu Plain Road and turned onto Beveridges Lane for the last time. It was clear now that they were racing for the podium but still there was no sign of any let up.
Wanting to make sure of their chance’s Scott and Pat continues to invest, allowing Ricky limited time on the front. Soon after the Selbourne Road turn off Ricky made his move from 3rd wheel, attacking Pat and Scotty and taking the win with a move that left them with little chance of closing it down.
Congratulations to Ricky Allen on a fantastic ride and a well deserved win!! 🏆 🍫💐
Ricky Allen 🥇
Scott Miller 🥈
Pat Coe 🥉
Special mention this week to birthday girl Emily Walker who finished strongly, sprinting out of Brenden Simpson’s wheel and opening up a significant gap to cross the line in 4th place just ahead of Tim Burford, who continues to ride strongly week after week!

May 26th – No Racing – Winter Break.

Today’s NVCC race was the tough Bishopsbourne, Bishopsbourne, Green Rises circuit. There were good numbers in D and E grade. This group combined after the tough climbs to Blackwood Creek to form a fast moving group at the front. Tim Burford did plenty of work, especially on the climbs. Behind were C grade, split into 2 groups and the lonely president😭the sole A/B grader further a minute behind these. The faster C grade group of four became 3 with Matt breakspear doing plenty of the work. These 3 merged with the front C grade bunch near Cressy. This group was reduced to four – Matt,Kaine Arkley new rider Alex Demeyer and Ricky Allen as we approached Armstrong’s Lane. Meanwhile the front group were going well and not yet in sight. Eventually, the front was sighted along the latter part of Armstrong’s lane with the chasing C grade bunch attacking hard on the last rise. Kaine, Alex and Matt gapped the rest to finish in that order with the ever impressive Tim Burford followed by Melissa Sladden and Ricky. Well done to all on the tough course. Must have looked a bit difficult for our A and B grade riders this week?

May 12th – No Racing – State TT Championships / Mothers Day.

Fog and 4 degrees greeted the 17 starters at today’s NVCC 46km handicap from Longford to Bracknell (2 circuits) and return. E grade made great progress with their 3.5 minute start over the chasers and disappeared into the mist to not be seen for the next 34ks. D Grade set off in pursuit, sensing an opportunity as they had a generous gap to the C/B groups chasing.
All was going well for this well oiled machine with only the Bracknell Hill climb presenting some challenging elevation to overcome.
At the back, a strong C grade of 7 riders pressed hard but this caused great attrition with the group being whittled down to 3 riders approaching the 15 km run home. According to Keith, they lost Chris, then Emily, and when Scott Miller attacked the Bracknell climb things started to unravel. 7ks out Keith jumped onto the B graders – for about 2 seconds – but the Bingley and Revell team jumped down the road leaving the remainder to find their way home as best they can.
Back at the front – Tim, Daddo, Melissa, and Mickey caught sight of the front markers about a km up the road from Pitts Lane – and the chase was on over the final 12ks.
Approaching Wilmores Lane, D grade sensed they had been spotted by the fronties and some urgency was applied with all riders pulling hard turns.
Finally, just inside 2km to go, D grade made the catch on very tired legs and the drive to the line began.
Daddo then made an early move, foolishly, as he had misjudged the distance to to line, and was soon overrun. At this point Brenden launched his powerful sprint in the bunch of 7 and despite some determined chasing he held on for a fine win over Tony, with Melissa grabbing the final podium to fly the flag for D grade. I believe daylight was next before the arrival of the elite riders some distance back.
1st – Brenden Simpson Kitt
2nd – Tony Savage
3rd – Melissa Snadden
Thank you to all helpers today and competing riders.
What a day. 17 riders took to what is traditionally a tough out and back course from Bishopsbourne to the Blackwood creek turn around and back again over undulating terrain and into a stiff breeze.
Today did not disappoint!! A moderate cross tail wind on the way out ensured that it was a quick ride to the turnaround. In the B grade bunch we had made up around 10 minutes on the front markers at the turn. Soon after the turnaround we passed a fast moving Will Clarke competing in his first race with the club today and closing in on half way. Starting at 22:30 down he was making short work of the course!
After the ascent of Blackwood Creek the race started coming together. At Richardsons cutting the C grade bunch was joined by B grade, followed shortly after by yours truly who had been some 200m off the back. Will Clarke passed on the straight to the Liffey Road intersection but no one was able to make the jump to go with him.
Before the end of Blackwood Creek Rd, the junction was made with D grade and soon after the right hand turn onto Liffey Rd, an attack from Dylan Forbes put a couple of riders into difficulty. With little cooperation in bunch Dave Bingley and Martin Simpson kept things moving along. Scott Miller and Phil Jarvie were riding well and contributed to the pacemaking into the final 10km as the front duo of Brenden Simpson-Kitt and Michael Applby were passed and finally at around the 41km mark, Peter Dadson and Melissa Snadden were overtaken and the bunch was racing for the minor places.
Scott Miller led out strongly to the final corner before an attack from Ricky Allen around the final uphill corner onto the finish straight. Dylan was right on Ricky’s wheel with Dave locked on behind and Martin in tow. As Ricky faded, Dylan sat up and Dave launched at 250 metres to go, with only Martin able to respond. Dave was simply too strong and in a Mads Pederson like display he left the others in his wake to take 2nd.
Congratulations to Will Clarke on his first win with the club 🏁🍫
Todays results:
Will Clarke 🥇
Dave Bingley 🥈
Martin Simpson 🥉
A big thank you to Dean Mason who started everyone off today, before jumping in the tail car, to Pat Coe as race director and lead car, and Tony Savage for his great work at the turn and for giving everyone splits to the front of the race – I heard a lot of people comment that they loved that!
It was great to see a rider of Will’s calibre joint us for the race today. We have had a few A-grade riders riding with us so far this season and it would be a really positive thing if we can continue to grow those numbers and attract more riders. That said we want to attract more riders across all grades and all abilities.
Lastly, thank you to those who rode out today. We had 5 hardy souls roll out from Prospect. Let’s see if we can add a few more for the ride out to our next race at Longford.

April 21st – No Racing – Midson Roubaix – NDCC.

The Quamby Classic once again was a resounding success. With near perfect weather the groups set off and quickly went to work. It didn’t take long before groups were joining forces and working together to try and fend off the scratch bunch. The hills were a bit too much for some, while others seems to enjoy them (a bit too much perhaps). There were a few stellar performances today from a few of the mid markers who jumped on the A train as it rolled past. Once the scratch bunch could see the lead car it was Paul Mckenzie who started the fireworks with a couple of attacks. It didn’t take long before the rest of his group were looking at each other hoping someone else would reel him in. Nic Kerkham had a crack at bridging the gap solo to him, but after a valiant effort he sat up and watched Paul ride away.
A big thank you to Howell Property Group for their sponsorship today, without your sponsorship these races would not be possible. Also, thanks to all our wonderful volunteers today as well as the Vets committee for their efforts organising the race.
Race Results:
1st – Paul Mckenzie
2nd – Nic Kerkham
3rd – Christopher James Brinkman
4th – Mike Walsh
5th – Martin Simpson
6th – Lance Beament
7th – Ricky Allen

April 7th Evandale – cancelled due to weather.
March 31st – No Racing – Easter Long Weekend.
March 24th – No Racing – Jack Kinnane Memorial Race – NDCC.

A not too shabby field of 19 riders signed on for today’s 49km handicap at Bracknell for 2 laps of the Whitemore – Cluan loop finishing with a nasty drag up to the line on the outskirts of Bracknell.
Buoyed by glorious sunshine, light winds and a record of 3 entries on the day, 6 bunches lined up at the start separated by 24 minutes from A to F grades. It proved to be a day for the front-markers with some stong rides ensuring few riders were caught by those chasing behind.
In F grade, Leigh Pridmore and Brenden Simpson-Kitt got the race started, followed by a 4-rider E grade bunch, featuring returning rider Tim Reese and pursued by a D-grade with 3 riders and C-Grade with 2 riders. A bumper field of 9 B-Grade riders were split across two bunches, separated by 2 and a half minutes, rounding out the field.
It was a tough morning of chasing with little success for many, with the exception of Peter Dadson and Julian Clayton whose D-Grade bunch made a final push on the 2nd lap that saw Pat Oldham distanced before catching the E-Grade bunch on Cluan Road with just 4km to go.
Perhaps the most decisive move of the day came just as the catch was made with Leo Lorezen tacking his chance from E-Grade to launch a stinging attack that went without reply before roding off in pursuit of the 2 F-Grade riders who were still up the road.
Meanwhile at the front of the race, Leigh and Brenden were racing for win, with a very strong Brenden Simpson-Kitt taking victory from Leigh Pridmore by a comfortable margin. Leo rode strongly to take 3rd place, holding off the pursuers, who were unable to close the gap established during his initial attack.
B Grade rode exceptionally strongly, staying away from A Grade and catching the C Grade bunch of Keith Gibson and Lance Beaumont in the final kilometres. Special mention must go out to Lance who was able to go with the B Grade bunch and sprint for the minor places behind Daz Turner who took out the sprint for the best of the rest.
It was incredibly positive to see so many B-Grade riders coming along to race. Hopefully, more racers will lead to more word of mouth and we can continue to see the number of riders growing across all grades in the coming weeks.
Don’t forget there’s open racing next Saturday with Northern Districts CC Longford to Campbell Town at 1pm and Criterium racing next Sunday with Cradle Coast CC at Symmons Plains staring at 10am. It would be great to see members support these races is you can and encourage other riders to come and have a race with us on a Sunday 👌🏼
🥇Brendon Simpson-Kitt
🥈Leigh Pridmore
🥉Leo Lorenzen
Thank you to the volunteers today, particularly to Garry Cooper who kindly filled in for Paul Butler who was unable to make it today, Melissa Snadden for her videos and photos and to our marshalls who were kept busy with farm traffic this morning.
Great racing everyone

March 10th – No Racing – 8hr Day Long Weekend.

The NVCC today conducted the Fingal 50 feature race, generously sponsored by Kevin Morgan of Morgan Timbers.
This race has been in recess since the 2020 edition so it was great to have it return and create some more history with this event.
Strong and gusty winds provided challenging conditions for the hardy cyclists, including some brutal headwinds over the final kms.
Front markers Di and Leaanne made great progress from go in the tail wind and made the turn still holding a solid lead.
Some hasty handicap revision resulting from 3 late scratchings saw Tim Burford move back to help Melissa and Pete (Thanks Tim). This group pressed on in determined chase but found it difficult to make significant headway on Michaels Appleby and Dalton plus Leigh Pridmore.
The Mickey Dalton group eventually reeled in the front girls on the return journey and set off for the finish with great determination.
Meanwhile 2nd scratch, with Colin and Martin pulling hard turns were joined by scratchman Nick Kerkham who had ride away from Dave Bingley and Shane Revell. After rolling turns, Nick set off to join Alex Robinson’s group and in turn, caught Lance Beaumont’s group after the turn.
Meanwhile, Colin and Martin were left to chase, picking their way through the field, with Andy sticking with them until the finish.
Nick pressed on, doing about 90% of the chase bunch work with occasional help from Matt and Phil.
Lance decided to have a ‘spell’ in the gravel but managed to keep it together thankfully.
Up at the front of the race, Leigh and Michael Dalton were suffering the severe headwind in their press to the line, dropping Michael Appleby in the process.
Their ride was impressively strong in the testing conditions and they went on to sprint for the win with Michael Dalton overcoming Leigh for a well deserved victory.
An exceptional ride through the field saw Nick Kerkham gain 3rd and fastest time honours.
Next followed Alex Robinson, Lance Beament, and Matt Breakspear who swamped Mike Appleby in the final metres pushing him into 7th.
Very close behind came Melissa Snadden gaining 1st lady honours and 8th place in a very impressive and strong ride.
1st – Michael Dalton
2nd – Leigh Pridmore
3rd – Nick Kerkham ( and fastest time)
4th – Alex Robinson
5th – Lance Beament
6th – Matt Breakspear
7th – Mike Appleby
1st Lady – Melissa Snadden (and 8th overall)
Thank you to all volunteers today for their efforts with race management.
Commissaire Nick was very pleased, given the Police scrutiny, with the safe and responsible riding by all our cyclists.
Finally, a big thank you to Kevin Morgan at Morgan Timbers for his generous sponsorship of the Fingal 50 feature race – the site of his 1st bike race victory in 1965.
Well done everyone
A bumper field of 28 riders greeted the starter for today’s 59km graded handicap at Bishopsbourne on the 3 lap Armstrong’s Lane course.
Would’ve been 30 but for 2 late scratchings.
The weather was overcast, not cold, but it was to be the NW wind which was the major weather factor today.
5 bunches set off separated by 18 minute front to back.
E grade battled bravely off the front for well over 2 laps before they were eventually caught on Liffey Rd by a combined B/C/D bunch, which had formed earlier on the 2nd lap.
As the new race leaders flew along Greenrises Rd on the final lap, with the strong tailwind pushing them along very nicely, A grade suddenly appeared in the rear view mirror, closing very fast.
The catch was finally made as they turned onto Armstrong’s Lane.
A select few were able to hang on as the A graders ascended the hill, pushing into the cross-headwind for the last time.
By the top of the hill, a small bunch of 3 or 4 had broken away off the front & gained around 100m advantage over the chasers.
However, with only around 5km to go, they were not allowed to add any more of a gap & they were quickly reabsorbed into the bunch.
A group of around 10 made the final turn onto Bishopsbourne Rd together in the charge for the line.
Paul McKenzie was in no mood to contest a sprint finish and took off with several hundred metres to go. No one was willing or able to chase him down & he was able to sit up & roll across the line several seconds ahead of Nic Kerkham in 2nd & Andrew Daly in 3rd.
A great effort to not only hang on, but challenge the leaders on the last hill, was enough for Alex Robinson to win C grade.
Julian Clayton outsprinted the remainder of D to win that grade, and David Murray continued his excellent form to comfortably win E grade & earn himself a promotion next time out.
Race presentations were followed by the club AGM (Report to follow)
1st Paul McKenzie
2nd Nic Kerkham
3rd Andrew Daly
A Paul McKenzie
B Andrew Daly
C Alex Robinson
D Julian Clayton
E David Murray
Thanks to Jim Leigh & Noreen for volunteering today.
The promised glorious weather brought out good numbers once again to race the 3 laps of the Selbourne Rd/Black Lane/Beveridge Lane circuit at Hagley today.
Conditions overhead were perfect, with clear blue skies, a few wispy clouds high over the western tiers & no real breeze to speak of.
20 riders took to the start line, in 6 groups from A-F, separated by 20 minutes on the 45km course.
Riders made good progress initially, with only one, who’d maybe not been paying attention at the briefing, missing the turn onto Black Lane.
This is where the race took an interesting turn.
Debris on the road from the recently trimmed hawthorn hedges decimated the field, wiping out all of E & A grades, and two thirds of the field succumbing to punctures over the course of the race.
Those lucky 7 who survived crossed the finish line in dribs & drabs.
Brenden Simpson-Kitt put in an exceptional ride to win by several minutes from the front mark.
A 2-up sprint from the remnants of C grade, saw Chris Colley comfortably out gun Scott Miller in the shootout for the minor places.
Shane Revell just pipped last weekks winner Colin Locke in another sprint for the final podium spot, and fastest time.
1st Brenden Simpson-Kitt (F)
2nd Chris Colley (C)
3rd Scott Miller(C)
4th & F/T Shane Revell
Thanks as always to everyone who turned out to help on the day, particularly Belinda Arkley & Leigh Pridmore.
Thanks also to all those riders who helped out with driving round & picking up those who needed it.
The NVCC race today was on the Woolmers Lane, Panshanger, and Mt Joy out and back course. It was very encouraging to have a strong field of 27 riders spread over 6 grades set off from the Longford racecourse in fine conditions.
Lead out by Di and Leaanne, the girls made the Powranna junction before capture by E graders Tim, Julian, Annie, and Michael. These determined E graders continued to make great progress and would not be seen until the business end of the race. A well organised C grade bunch reeled in Melissa, Catherine, and Pete at the 24k mark with Scott, Keith, Emily, and Patrick pulling some very hard turns.
Meanwhile, A grade strengthened by the inclusion of Paul McKenzie, had a huge task to catch the strong B graders and make the front of the race.
B grade had other ideas, with great teamwork from Colin, Andrew, Matt, Martin, Phil, and Kaine they pressed on with great determination to try and win this race.
At the turn the 3 D graders dug deep to hang onto C grade over the climbs and into the wind with Catherine, then Melissa, and finally Pete being dropped – just as E grade were caught at the 45k mark. Within seconds the B train swept through this combined group, upping the tempo in the push to the finish over the final 10 ks. Kudos to Julian and Michael from E grade who stayed with this group.
Approaching the finish line it was Colin Locke who won a close sprint over Andrew Daly with Matt Breakspear and Martin Simpson closely behind,
Almost there, but not quite, came A grade with Paul McKenzie winning a great sprint for fastest time by the smallest of margins from Chris Brinkman.
1st – Colin Locke
2nd – Andrew Daly
3rd – Matt Breakspear
4th – Martin Simpson
Fastest Time – Paul McKenzie
Thank you to race Director Michael Appleby and his crew of helpers, Nick, Noreen, Duane, and Michael Dalton on trailer duty. Thanks also to David Murray who started us today and stepped up for tail car duty.
A good field of riders set off in 5 groups from Whitemore in today’s NVCC 48km handicap over 2 laps of this circuit. The E graders were 5 strong and bolstered by the return of Tim Burford and Tony Savage they made great progress with their 4 minute advantage to not be seen for almost 40km. Meanwhile the second scratch group of Patrick Coe and crew worked well to catch Ricky and Jim and in turn catch the 3 D graders at the end of the first lap. This group turned on the heat in the chase of E grade making it very hard work for the pursuing scratch riders. As the B/C/D group hurtled into the wind on the Meander Valley Highway Tim and his E grade crew came into view and the pace went up a notch to make the catch just before the Hagley roundabout.
The run up Station Lane soon became difficult for some riders to hold on and Tim was finally dropped after a great return to racing effort. Tony and Brenden held on for some ks before Tony was lost before the final run up the Black Hills Road. The surge up this climb saw Pete, then Brenden leave the group that would make the final turn for the run to the finish.
The sprint to the line was hotly contested by several riders with the powerful Duane Pitt taking the win by a small margin to Ricky Allen, with Keith Gibson taking 3rd place.
Congratulations to today’s winners on a fine performance and the good effort of all riders.
Special thanks to today’s helpers Dee, Andy, Matt, and to Ricky for the trailer duty.
1st – Duane Pitt
2nd – Ricky Allen
3rd – Keith Gibson

January 28th – No Racing – Australia Day Long Weekend.

The 2024 racing calendar got underway today at Evandale on the out & back Nile Rd course.
Good numbers meant that we were able to run the race as a GMS for the first time in many months.
The stiff Southerly breeze made for a slow outbound slog to the turn, with the afterburners engaged for the return to the finish line outside the gun club.
Great to have 2 new riders joining us for the first time.
E grade were first off followed by a combined C/D bunch & then A/B off last.
The headwind made for hard going on the exposed road between Evandale & Nile.
Potential disaster was narrowly averted as riders were leaving the Nile CBD as a herd of deer dashed across the road directly in front of the C/D &A/B bunches. Fortunately no collisions.
Once the turn was completed the racing really began in earnest, but almost all riders managed to stay with their grade mates to make for several exciting sprint finishes.
Nic Kerkham took out a fairly comfortable win in A, with similar outcomes for Shane Revell in B, & Matt Breakspear in C.
D grade was very hotly contested, with barely a tyre width between Garry Cooper & Peter Dadson.
In E David Murray, powered to a very strong win to continue his progress after his return to racing.
A Nic Kerkham
B Shane Revell
C Matt Breakspear
D Garry Cooper
E David Murray
Thanks to all the volunteers & duty riders today.

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