Club Person of The Year

2007 Keith Dolting
2008 Lynne Woodfall
2009 Eileen Hillier
2010 Amy Moore
2011 Keith Dolting
2012 Charles Barker
2013 Jay De Gier
2014 Gary Woodfall
2015 Gavin and Amy Moore and John and Eileen Hillier
2016 Phil and Doreen Stevenson

Life Members

Michael Donovan (2006)
Christine Neil (2007)
Gavin Moore (2008)
Keith Dolting (2012)
Lynne Woodfall (2015)

Feature Race Winners

  Fingal Quamby Longford to CT St Mary’s &

Blackwood Creek

1998     Rex Godfrey  
1999     John Cover  
2000 Lindsay Bourke   Mark Bowden  
2001 Peter Oliver   Phil Bishop  
2002 Phil Dunn   Paul Wilson  
2003 Russell Corness   Glenn Myler  
2004 Malcolm Sharp   Tom Ellison  
2005 Justin McMullen Jamie Perry Peter Dadson  
2006 Ian Leighton Tim Elmer Andrew McDonald  
2007 Jamie Perry Tim Elmer Tim Elmer Michael Sulzberger
2008 Wally Barratt Peter Gleeson Christine Neil Mark Wilkie
2009 Justin Harper Mark Wilkie Helen Woodfall Jason Andersch
2010 Dale Hainsworth Gavin Johnstone Scott Evans Collin Burns
2011 John Watson Jason Andersch Scott Nolan Vince Rowbottom
2012 Tim Watson Jason Andersch Jason Andersch Nigel Aylott
2013 Leigh Kerrison Grant Astell Phil Stevenson Nick Atkinson
2014 Marty Neu Tim Elmer Scott Russell Patrick Cruse
2015 Terry Clark Scott Smith Phil Stevenson Scott Schilg
2016 Scott Smith John Frankling Scott Smith Tyrone Farrow
2017 Alex Robinson Paul Rowlings Keith Gibson Dave Bingley
2018 Peter Dadson Peter Booth Colin Locke Dave Bingley
2019 Peter Booth Paul Rowlings John Frankling Dean Wotherspoon
2020 Matt Bernal Diane Ottaway Paul Butler
2021 Andy Wells Jim Knott Keith Gibson
2022 Justin McMullen Phil Stevenson
2023 Leaanne Szmekura Shane Revell Peter Dadson
2024 Michael Dalton

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