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Should you wish to contact us, the quickest way for a quick reply is to use our  Facebook Page however for more formal queries please feel free to contact one of our Committee members.

Our 2017 Committee is as follows:

Luke Moore

Vice President:
Ricky Allen


Helen Finn                0427 634 417

Phil Stevenson

Brian Finn

Patrick Coe

James Proverbs


12 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Folks. Some thoughts on various issues.
    One problem with catering for lower grade riders is simply lack of people with similar abilities. If we can find a way to increase the numbers in the grades that would help. At times we under estimate a new riders ability, start them in E or G grade and they blow the group apart from the start. This also happens when we move a higher grade rider back down to these grades. Perhaps there needs to be some discussion about this.

    Years ago the club ran a team time trial where each team consisted of a rider from each grade and the whole team had to finish together to record a time. The handicapper balanced the teams well and all the riders enjoyed the inclusive nature of the event.

    If there is a move to replace the race numbers it may be worth changing the numbering system to include the grade ie A1 – A15, B1 – B15 etc as that may help the people on the finish line.
    John Frankling

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for putting this level of thought into your club. Agreed – finding more riders for the lower grades is a key, particularly in winter.
      Will definitely table your input at the next meeting for further discussion – keep the feedback and ideas rolling in I say!

  2. Hi I am registered to ride state road race on Sunday, Time trial I did not because of work but I have now got the day of and bringing up Rod Hartridge who is assisting with running T/T,would I be able to submit a late entry for M7 (60-64) T/T.
    Thanks Nigel

  3. Hi all, re .KOM. I had a conversation with Paul Morgan at the end of last year re. this event. Some early discussion was about perhaps awarding 2 points for KOM if the field is more than say 8 riders and 1 point if 8 or less (The figure can be adjusted). This would mean that over winter when grade numbers fall away the KOM points might remain a little tighter heading back into the more contested Spring and Summer seasons?

    1. Hi Scott – Ricky is already looking at this and applying a similar format to our KOM competition. This year it will be over 4 weeks only with scaled points on 2 of the 4 races. Luke

  4. Hi all, another thought bubble. I attended the level 1 Comm course recently with Shane Revell (Southern Vets?) and he mentioned the lack of numbers and events. With the popularity of NVCC events to North West riders, my thinking was perhaps that we could make our Symmon’s Plains Crit. more accessible to Southern Vets by perhaps allowing free entry as a one off? The travelling time to that race from Hobart is 30 minutes less than our other events and free entry might get a few up for that event. I’m unsure if I see it as a trial, an ‘olive branch’ to them or something that might become a statewide event?

    1. Hi Scott – re the Crits I willl speak with other committee members but my feeling is that it will remain as is – a free ride for non-club members from Hobart would be at the disadvantage of the northern members. I am not sure if the $15 bucks would be a deal changer anyway. They get to ride without joining the club and I feel that that is probably enough. Luke

  5. Hi guys just wondering if I join the club am I then affiliated with the avcc as I would like to do vet races on the main land. Cheers

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