2017 Results

Well, a year’s racing has finished. Wrapped up in fabulous style with friendly weather for a run out to the gravel on Nile Rd and back. Deanne Hilton won G grade from Brian Finn and John Hillier. F grade was won in a close sprint finish by Kevin Morgan (actually he was the only one riding that grade). New rider John Lowe won a close race in e grade from Leigh Austin and Michael Dalton. Michelle Dabner won D grade from Dean (Santa) Mason with Michael Hudson third. In C grade it was Alex Robinson from Tony Roughan and James Proverbs. In B grade it was last year’s winner Marty Neu that took the chocolates from Matt Challis and Kathryn Woolston. A grade won by Matthew Bernal. With the tail wind home it was difficult in any grade to get a break leaving most bunches finishing in a sprint.
The Adina Motel Blackwood Creek 70 feature race is always one of the toughest races on the NVCC calendar. Unsurprisingly, the wind came out to play to make it that bit tougher. All groups worked hard. It was the upper B grade bunch which came to the fore, Dave Bingley taking a popular win from Kathryn Woolston and Craig Brooks. Andrew Flanagan took fastest time. There were top rides by Tony Savage from the ‘go’ group who led alone till the 65km mark and Andrew Margison who started 2 mins 30 behind scratch. Thanks to Phil Stevenson, race director and his army of volunteers.


Dave Bingley
Kathryn Woolston
Craig Brooks
Paul Rowlings
Geoff Rollins
Paul Headlam
Doug Blackaby
Ty Farrow

Fastest time: Andrew Flanagan

December 3rd Bishopsbourne – cancelled due to weather.

The Northern Vet’s were blessed with picture perfect Spring Classic’s weather this morning as they hosted the North – South inaugural “Campbell Town Classic” G.M.S. racing.

A warm temperature, damp roads and the persistent hint of light rain didn’t deter a solid group of riders from both regions of the state. Thanks to all the riders that made the effort to travel from Hobart and Launceston, in making it a morning of fast racing.

Also special thanks also goes out to the Ladies on the desk, who also weathered the rain to record the finish line, and all those that did corner duty and the tail and lead cars.

A Grade;
1st. Aaron Dunn.
2nd. Rhys Long.
3rd. Andrew Smart.

B Grade;
1st Geoff Rolly Rollins.
2nd Steve Muir.
3rd Luke Moore.

C Grade;
1st Paul Rowlings.
2nd James Proverbs.

D Grade;
1st Nigel Davies.
2nd Mardy Ryan.

E Grade;
1st Ric Easton

Next week is out at Bishopsbourne, with a 45km G.M.S., meeting at the Sports Oval. With Scott Schilg, Roger Butorac, and John Hillier on corner duty.

Like yesterday’s PE Green memorial, the wind was out in Crossy, sorry, Cressy for the Northern Vets 47km graded handicap. The C grade bunch rode well to take the top four placings. Peter Booth broke away from this bunch and was able to coast home with about 100m to spare from Paul Rowlings and Nick Lawrence for a fine win.


Peter Booth
Paul Rowlings
Nick Lawrence
Bob Bright
Michelle Dabner

Grade winners:

Andy Wells
Dave Bingley
Peter Booth
Michelle Dabner
Ric Easton
Kevin Morgan
Brian Finn

There was an excellent turnout for the Glenroy coffee 100km challenge. Conditions were almost perfect which made up for last year’s gales and rain.

F and G grade took on a shorter but tough 55km circuit. Andy Hodson took out G grade whilst Craig Morgan also had a strong ride to win F grade.

A stellar group of 13 A graders rode hard and fast. Shaun Probert emerged the winner from Mark Padgett and Win Mahar.

Paul Headlam broke away on Armstrong’s Lane in B grade but was reeled in just in time for Matt Hibbs to take out the win from Geoff Rollins and Dave Bingley.

In C grade Bob Bright also tried his luck on Armstrong’s Lane. Tony Roughan put in a seriously strong turn to pull him in then had enough in the tank to take the sprint from Bright and James Proverbs.

100k is Tim Burford’s type of race and it was no surprise to see him win D grade from Michelle Dabner and Keith Gibson.

Brooke Lendvay had a great ride in E grade, managing to hold onto D grade and thus taking the win from Julianne Smith and Nigel Aylott. Well done to all who took part in what is a tough event.

Thanks to those who volunteered for duty including Andrew Flanagan, Steve Stone, Gary Baker, Matt Challis and John Hillier. Also thanks to the ladies on the desk who got us organised and we’re still there at the finish.

Finn’s Bodyworks Criteriums were raced today in picture perfect weather at Symmons Plains Raceway. Sunny clear skies and a gentle breeze made for some fast paced racing across all the grades.

A Grade;
1st Adam Hartley.
2nd Jim Avens.
3rd Scott Smith.
Prime Chris Birtwhistle.

B Grade;
1st Jamie Perry.
2nd Shane Delanty.
3rd Steve Muir.
Prime Scott Schilg.

C Grade;
1st Simon Donovan.
2nd Andrew Youl.
3rd Ty Farrow.
Prime Tony Roughan.

D Grade;
1st Brendan Spur.
2nd Keith Gibson.
3rd Dean Mason.
Prime James McKee.

E Grade;
1st Shellie Wakefield.
2nd Micheal Dalton.
3rd Julianne Smith.
Prime Alister Euler

F Grade;
1st Kevin Morgan.
2nd Bob Mason.
Prime Kevin Morgan.

G Grade;
1st Andrew Hodson.
2nd Sheri Digney

It was point score time for the Northern Vets at Bishopsbourne. Al Glover followed on from his victory in The Deddington Dash on Saturday, winning A grade from Adrian Adams and Andrew Flanagan. Andrew Daley took out B grade from Luke Moore and Geoff Rollins. C grade’s race was shortened after the group stopped to help Dave Casalegno after his nasty crash. We all hope Dave recovers well and is back on the bike soon. Alister Woodroffe won the resulting one lap race from returning Tony Roughan and Nick Lawrence. Jim Knott won D grade from Tim Burford and John Frankling. Peter Dadson won E grade from Barbara Walton and Ric Easton. In the combined F/G grade race, Kevin Morgan was the winner from Brian Finn.
It was headwind out, tailwind home at Westbury for those Northern Vets without a Grand Final hangover. In A grade Andrew Margison made light of his 30 second handicap, breaking away on the Birralee Hills to win from Paul Butler. Patrick Coe made a couple of solo breaks in B grade but was reeled in to create a sprint finish won by Steve Muir from Ricky Allen and Dave Chaplin. Ty Farrow won C grade from David Casalegno. The tough uphill finish suited Tim Burford who took out D grade from Nick Lawrence. Ric Easton had another good ride to win E grade from Rob Tatchell. Andy Hodson was first in G grade from Brian Finn.
The Northern Vets 2017 Somercotes Cherries Longford to Campbell Town 63km feature race has been won by Keith Gibson. In a good day for the front markers, Ric Easton led solo to the 45km mark. Meanwhile, Gibson and Coen de Gier had broken away from the following group. These three combined superbly to stay away and take the top three places. A strong riding D grade bunch finished about a minute behind, led by Tony Bagshaw. The howling tailwind made it tough for scratch. Winton Mahar, Matthew Bernal and Andrew Flanagan rode like trojans to average close to 46kph. Mahar took out fastest time.

In the shorter, 44km dash, Jeff Garwood was victorious. At 81 years of age, Jeff is truly an inspiration to us all.

Thanks again to the volunteers who once again allowed the race to run seamlessly.

Overall placings:

Keith Gibson
Coen de Gier
Ric Easton
Tony Bagshaw
Julian Clayton
Michelle Dabner
Tim Burford
Michael Hudson
Win Mahar
Andrew Flanagan

Fastest time: Win Mahar

KOM: Coen de Gier

They say the wind gets up at 10am in Bishopsbourne. Hence the 55km loop through Blackwood Creek just got tougher and tougher.. Scott Crawford broke away early in the A/B bunch causing carnage behind. Greig Watson was able to get across with some help from Andrew Flanagan, taking the A Grade win from Crawford . Strong work from Michael Thorne and Patrick Coe at Richardson’s Cutting created a four man break in B grade. Thorne was the strongest of this quartet and deservedly won from Scott Murchison and Ricky Allen. Alister Woodroffe went early in the C grade sprint and was pipped by Simon Donovan. Scott Watson rode well for third. John Frankling can’t stop winning in D grade. This time from Craig Brooks and Michael Hudson. Keith Gibson had another win in E grade from Ric Easton. Brian Finn took out G grade.

Thanks again to the multiple volunteers today. Especially Lynne Woodfall who doesn’t let anything deter her.

Spring was in the air for the annual Daltini Classic graded handicap, a 43km loop from Bishopsbourne. The C grade bunch rode strongly to merge with D and E by half way. Doug Blackaby jumped off the front of this group 10km from home. He soloed to the line for one of Team Daltini’s greatest victories. The huge cheque made the pain worthwhile. The four scratch men road well to catch B grade at 25km. However the groups ahead couldn’t be caught. Winton Mahar took out fastest time.


1) Doug Blackaby
2) Peter Booth
3) Paul Rowlings
4) Michael Hudson
5) Keith Gibson

Unplaced grade winners:

Win Mahar
Matt Hibbs
Julian Clayton
Tim Burford
Shellie Wakefield
Kevin Morgan

Fastest time: Win Mahar

September 3rd Deloraine – cancelled due to weather.

A deceptively strong southeasterly wind made for tough racing around a new 46km loop from Carrick. The seemingly constant crosswinds caused riders to pop off the back, especially on the fast run in along Bishopsbourne Road. It was good to see the (slightly) warmer weather bring out a few more riders, especially in the lower grades. Andy Hodson was the winner in G grade whilst Kevin Morgan was back, taking out F grade. Leigh Austin had a good win in E grade from Richard Wells and visiting rider Rod Hartridge. John Frankling is finishing strongly of late, taking another D grade win from Dean Mason and Keith Gibson. The crosswinds suited powerful Simon Donovan who was strongest in C grade, winning from David Casalegno and consistent placegetter Nick Lawrence. The A/B group was driven by Steve Stone, Scott Murchison, Michael Thorne and Dave Bingley. These riders deservedly took the placings; Stone first over the line and Murchinson with the B grade win.
A cold start turned to pleasant winter sunshine for the Northern Vets 40km GMS along Panshanger Road, Longford. There was plenty of attacking in A grade with Greig Watson the main protagonist. A further attack 3km from home by new rider Scott Crawford was chased down leaving three at the finish. Tim O’Shannessey took out the win from Win Mahar and Watson. Team Doppio kept B grade under control and got their main men to the front at the finish. Matt Bernal finished the job with Shane Delanty in second. Scott Murchison clung onto the blue shirts in third. Another fine breakaway from Luke Moore gave him the C grade win from Doug Blackaby and Nic Lawrence. A reverse from last week saw Jim Knott pip John Frankling to the line in D grade. Keith Gibson showed that he is returning to fitness nicely, winning E grade from Ric Easton.
KOM/QOM series grade winners:

A grade: Micheal Wilson
B grade: Paul Morgan
C grade: Doug Blackaby
D grade: John Frankling
E grade: Coen de Gier
F grade: Barbara Walton
G grade: Sarah Coates

Overall club KOM champion: Paul Morgan

Second overall: Coen de Gier

Third overall : Geoff Rollins

For the first time in a few weeks the Northern Vets enjoyed pleasant racing conditions for the 51km GMS from Rosevale. The hilltop finish was the finale of the hotly contested King of the Mountain series. Aaron Dunn transferred his zwift power to the road to win A grade from Micheal Wilson. Paul Morgan and Geoff Rollins went head to head on the Rosevale hill. Both gave their maximum, tongues to the tarmac. Morgan edged the win and thus the overall KOM trophy. Paul Rowlings had a good ride to win C grade from Doug Blackaby. John Frankling, Jim Knott and Tim Burford approached the final hill together in D grade. Frankling was the strongest on the climb to win from Knott. Con de Gier was again the strongest in E grade, winning from Keith Gibson and Ric Easton. Coen finished with an admirable perfect record in the E grade KOM competition. New rider Sarah Coates had a good ride to win G grade from Brian Finn.

August 6th Beauty Point – cancelled due to weather.

Grade victories and KOM points were won by the toughest of the Northern Vets as riders got a total drenching on the graded mass start from Selbourne. The race was shortened to 29km due to the monsoon conditions (minus the heat). Cat and mouse between Ben Mather and Micheal Wilson saw Mather take A grade win. Paul Morgan has come into form at the right time, taking charge of the B grade KOM competition with the win from Geoff Rollins and Marty Neu. Doug Blackaby powered up the Selbourne Hill to take out C grade from Nick Lawrence. It was no surprise that club hard man Tim Burford made light of the conditions. He broke away for the D grade win, Jim Knott in second. Con de Gier tightened his grip on he E grade KOM jersey, winning from Keith Gibson and Justin Clements.
The Northern Vets took on a 45km GMS from Bisphopsbourne which also saw the first race of the King/Queen of the Mountain Series. Accelerations to grab KOM points tended to cause a few splits in the bunches and made for interesting racing. Rides of the day went to Barbara Walton and Luke Moore who soloed away from their respective bunches. Walton won F grade by a country mile, Brian Finn in second. Moore took off 10km from home, winning C grade from Nick Lawrence and Doug Blackaby. Ben Mather rode strongly all race to win A grade from Win Mahar. Mark Goodwin went early in the B grade sprint but was overhauled by Shane Delanty, who took out the win from Goodwin and Paul Morgan. Michael Husdon won D grade from Jim Knott. Ric Easton took the honours in E grade from Coen de Gier.
In near perfect Winter conditions, with the wet roads, a cool temperature and threatening skies, all that was missing was the wind and fog.
It was a hardy bunch of some 20+ riders that signed on. With the challenging course, all groups rode well, with the remnants of Scratch catching B just before Bracknell, then that bunch catching C just after Bracknell. The race was pretty well altogether for the last 15km, with the strong Limit markers only being caught about 4-5km from the finish line.

1st D Grade – Phil Stevenson.
1st C Grade – Nick Lawrence.
1st B Grade – Geoff Rollins.
1st A Grade – Greig Watson.

1st Overall – Greig Watson.
2nd Overall – Win Mahar.
3rd Overall – Geoff Rollins.

The Northern Vets enjoyed a somewhat foggy 41km GMS from Cressy. Greig Watson broke away early from the combined A/B bunch. The chasing group reeled him just 5km from home. The resulting sprint saw an A grade win for, you’ve guessed it, Michael Bailey. Marty Neu won B grade from Micheal Wilson and Steve Muir. Nick Lawrence had another good win in C grade. Craig Brooks was again the victor in D grade with Tim Burford second and Cynthia Matson third. E grade split into two groups on the cutting. Michael Dalton had a good win from Richard Wells and Ric Easton.
The notoriously windy 40km GMS at Evandale was a little less windy than usual but the northerly breeze was still enough to cause splits in the various bunches, especially on Deddington road after the turn. Brain Finn won G grade form John Hillier. A breakaway in E grade saw Coen de Gier take the honours from Ric Easton. Micheal Dalton led the chasing pack home for third. Craig Brooks had another win in D grade form Michael Hudson. Michelle Dabner warmed up for the defence of her KOM/QOM title in third. Scott Watson had a fine win in C grade. Michael Bailey had his third consecutive win in B grade, tearing up the hills and doing plenty of work at the front along the way. Mark Goodwin had another strong ride to take second with Paul Morgan in third. Andrew Flanagan was strong all ride as usual, taking the A grade win.
The hardiest of the Northern Vets turned out for the 46km GMS from Whitemore. The arctic wind blew plenty of riders off the back of the various bunches. Richard Carroll and Patrick Coe drove the large A/B bunch, shedding numerous riders on the first lap. Carroll took the A grade win from Andy Wells. Coe was pipped on the line by Michael Bailey in B grade with Mark Goodwin in third. Nick Lawrence is hard to beat in a sprint and took out C grade from Phil Stevenson. Tim Burford had a strong win in D grade. Ric Easton pipped Michael Dalton in E grade for his second win in a row. John Hillier had a good ride in G grade, winning ahead of Jeff Garwood and Brian Finn.
A good turnout of 42 Northern Vets enjoyed the rolling hills of the 39km graded mass start along Biralee rd from Westbury.

Aggressive racing in A grade saw Winton Mahar and Andrew Flanagan in a break early on. They were caught by the chasing group 5km from home with Steven Brown then counter attacking to take the win from Mahar and Ben Mather. B grade left the attacks till late on. Paul Headlam dangled off the front for the final 3km and was caught by the sprinters 100m from home. Michael Bailey took out the win from Geoff Rollins and Kathryn Woolston. Steve Muir had a strong win in C grade from Nick Lawrence and Mark Wilkie. The D grade bunch sprint was taken out by Craig Brooks from John Frankling and Grant Murfet. The uphill finish suited Ric Easton who won E grade from Keith Gibson and Justin Clements.

For a cold winter’s morning, there was a good turnout for the 49km GMS at Bracknell.

Brian Finn won G grade from John Hillier and Jeff Garwood. Pete McCarron pipped Justin Clements by a tyre’s width to take out E grade, consistent Ric Easton in third. The large D grade group finished in a bunch sprint. James Proverbs hit the front early and wasn’t troubled up the final incline to take the win from Craig Brooks and Jim Knott. Another close finish in C grade saw a win for Scott Watson from Phil Stephenson and Julian Clayton. Scott Murchison and Michael Bailey took advantage of some cat and mouse antics in the A/B bunch to sneak away 10 km from home. The chasing bunch didn’t get close with Murchison taking the B grade win from Bailey, Paul Morgan in third. Win Mahar had a deserved win in A grade.
Also great to see Paul Headlam return today after his nasty crash.

May 28th Cressy – cancelled due to weather.

A damp, foggy start turned to pleasant sunshine for the 46km graded mass start from Deloraine; two laps of the Porter’s Bridge Road/River Road circuit.In the A/B bunch, Greig Watson attacked on the rolling hills on lap two, taking the A grade win from Tim O’Shannessy. Matt Bernal was the only B grader who could go with these two and thus won B grade from Mark Goodwin and Geoff Rollins.
The combined C/D/E group had a bunch sprint finish. Nick Lawerence took the C grade honours from Mark Bugg. John Frankling was first in D grade from James Proverbs.
Tony Savage took the honours in F grade.

A shout out to Geoff Rollins and Michael Thorne who both rode strongly in their first B grade race. Also Justin Clements who made the step from E grade to join the C/D group and finished not far off the pace.

Thanks, as always, to the volunteers who braved the early fog.

The Points Score returned for the Northern Vets with 4 laps of the Whitemore – Adelphi circuit. The strong breeze from the snow-capped western Tiers caused a few riders to fall off the pace, leaving the big guns to contest the sprints.Richard Carroll won A grade with Andy Wells and Dave Bingley joint second.

Shane Delanty again showed his sprinting prowess to take out B grade form Kathryn Wooltson and Dave Chaplin.

C grade was won by Nick Lawrence from Geoff Rollins and Bob Bright.

A competitive D grade was won by Jim Knott from James Proverbs and Scott Watson.

Tony Bagshaw made it look easy, winning three of the four sprints in E grade to take the win from Pete McCarron and Leigh Austin.

Anne Wadley-Robertson won the combined F/G grade race.

In what could be classified as relatively calm conditions for Evandale, and with a good turn out, there was some fast racing across all the grades with most grades ending in a sprint finish.Race of the day goes to a strong Mic Lockyer who rode away from his grade on the way out, stayed away solo, for most of the race, only to be caught on the run into the line. Then out sprinted the C Grade bunch to take an impressive win.

With special thanks to Jen Booth, who filled in doing the ” turn around ” marshaling duty, which was greatly appreciated. And thanks also to Simon and Ty for doing the tail and lead cars.

And thanks also to Lynne, Amy and Gavin, and Brian for the their help on the desk and setting up.

G Grade ;
1st Andrew Hodson.
2nd Brian Finn.
3rd Noreen Hogan.

F Grade ;
1st Tony Savage
2nd Anne Wadley-Robertson

E Grade ;
1st Peter Dadson.
2nd Richard Wells.

D Grade ;
1st James Proverbs.
2nd John Frankling.
3rd Brendan Spur.

C Grade ;
1st Mic Lockyer.
2nd Geoff Rollins.
3rd Nick Lawrence.

B Grade ;
1st Matt Hibbs.
2nd Kathryn Woolston.
3rd Pat Coe.

A Grade ;
1st Scott Smith.
2nd Greig Watson.
3rd Dave Bingley.

Morgan’s Timber Quamby Classic Feature Handicap.
In what some might well argue were tough racing conditions, some great racing took place. With all handicap bunches putting in some impressive times and racing performances. With the mid marker bunches working well and deservedly getting the results today.
1st Paul Rowlings.
2nd Kathryn Woolston.
3rd Greg Walker.
4th Geoff Rollins.
5th Bel Flint.
6th Mic Lockyer.
7th Nick Lawrence.
8th Nick Wilson.
9th Matt Bernal.
10th Gene Finn.
And Fastest Time, with a super strong race: Andrew Margison.
And the QOM was won by a strong climbing: Julianne James-Smith.
Some impressive results were also posted, in a reduced field for the 1 Lap Dash.
1st Kevin Morgan.
2nd Brian Finn.
Special thanks goes out to Morgan’s Timber for their continued sponsoring of this feature handicap.
And also Garry and Lynne Woodfall for the organizing, and all the volunteer marshals, on the corners and finish line, the ladies on the sign on desk, and the Bakers for the BBQ, all who gave up their time so this race could be run.Thanks to Pat Coe for the report

April 9th Bishopsbourne – cancelled due to weather.

About 65 riders took to the Symonds Plains Racetrack for the 2017 Cormiston Legal Criterium. On a beautiful autumn day the race the good sized groups took advantage of smooth roads, no traffic and access to the whole road and enjoyed competitive racing in a wonderful environment. The results are:
A Grade 1st Greig Watson, 2nd Shaun Probert and equal 3rd Jason Rigg and Michael Dalton (Northern version) Prime Aaron Dunn
B Grade 1st Dane Leedham, 2nd Matthew Bernal 3rd Marty Neu Prime Peter Booth
C Grade 1st Mic Lockyer 2nd Geoff Rollins 3rd Grant Astell (also Prime)
D Grade 1st Gary Baker 2nd Brendan Spurr 3rd Michael Archer Prime Brendan Spurr
E Grade 1st Justin Clements 2nd Peter Dadson 3rd Tony Bagshaw Prime Pete McCarron
G Grade 1st Anne Wadley-Robertson 2nd Andrew Hodson 3rd Brian Finn Prime Andrew HodsonThanks goes to Sam Pratt for sponsoring the race (good to see him back racing), to Gary Woodfall and Mark Wilkie for help on the line and the ladies on the desk. Also thanks to Collin Burns for his support and organisation.

A strong turnout of 61 northern vets took on a 42km graded mass start from Longford. Adrian Adams attacked multiple times in A grade. The chasing group got organised and the class of Tim O’Shanessy eventually told as he took out the sprint from Dave Bingley and Michael Dalton. Shane Delanty won B grade from Dane Leedham and Scott Murchison. Mark Bugg showed a good turn of speed to take out C grade from Kerry Newman and Rob Nimmo. The ladies came to the fore in D grade, Jayne Grubits-King taking the win from Cynthia Matson and Jim Knott. Gary Baker had another strong win in E grade from Coen de Gier and Justin Clements. Tony Savage won F grade. A closely fought G grade was won by Andy Hodson from Brian Finn and John Hillier.
The Northern Vets Fingal 50 classic was run in near perfect conditions as part of the annual Fingal Festival. The flat, fast course saw the scratch bunch average 43kph. However, it was a day for the mid markers, the C and D groups combining at 35 km. Strong work from Dale Hainsworth and the two Kerry’s; Newman and Leonard helped keep this group away. Alex Robinson went early and strongly in the sprint, holding off Ty Farrow and Phil Stevenson for a great win.Top 10 finishers:

1) Alex Robinson
2) Ty Farrow
3) Phil Stevenson
4) Geoff Rollins
5) Gary Baker
6) Nick Lawrence
7) James Proverbs
8) Nick Wilson
9) Dean Mason
10)John Frankling

Fastest time: Steven Brown

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped put on a great race.

A great turnout of 61 Northern Vets took on a 48km graded mass start, two laps of the Carrick-Westwood circuit. The absence of the usual crosswinds allowed most groups to stay together. John Hillier edged out Brian Hillier in G grade. Kevin Morgan took out F grade from Ron Grenda. Gary Baker had his second win in two weeks, powering to the win in E grade from Justin Clements and Leigh Austin. D grade also had a consecutive weekly winner, Dean Mason edging out Jim Knott and John Frankling. A lunge for the line secured the C grade victory for Geoff Rollins, Dallas Headlam and Nick Lawerence close behind. The ladies showed the men how to finish a cycling race in B grade. Kathryn Woolston went early in the sprint and held on to win from Shane Delanty and Bel Flint. Team Daltini pin-up boy Michael Dalton loves a bunch sprint. He exposed his hair to the breeze for just long enough to take out A grade from in-form Win Mahar and Richard Carroll.
49 Northern Vets braved the elements for a 50km graded mass start, three laps of the Bishopsbourne-Armstrong’s Lane circuit.Shaun Probert and Win Mahar split A grade early on. They finished in that order with Paul Butler in third.Late breaks by Brian Dabner and Paul Headlam where reeled in by B grade. Paul Morgan finished a strong ride with the win, Mark Goodwin second and Paul Headlam third. Simon Donovan showed his strong sprinting legs in C grade, taking the victory from Mick Lockyer and Lindsay Malley. It was great to see Dean Mason complete his injury comeback with a strong sprint, winning D grade from James Proverbs and evergreen John Frankling. Gary Baker used those huge quads to power to the win in E grade from Pete McCarron and Michael Dalton. Anne Wadley-Robertson was up against some pedigree in F grade, taking out the win from Ron Greenwood and Kevin Morgan.

44 Northern Vets took on a 56km graded handicap from Whitemore through Exton. Unseasonably cool and windy conditions made for a tough day. The scratch bunch, fired by Paul Butler and Andrew Flanagan, rode strongly to catch B grade before half-way. Up ahead, the C grade bunch were doing even better, reeling in the front markers by 30km. Peter Booth broke away from this group on Exton Hill. Only Doug Blackaby was able to get across. These two put the power down, used the strong tail-wind and could not be caught. Booth was strongest at the finish to take a well deserved win, Blackaby in second with Andrew Flanagan in third.Grade winners from A to G respectively were Andrew Flanagan, Patrick Coe, Peter Booth, Nick Wilson, Nigel Aylott, Anne Wadley-Roberston and John Hillier.

54 Northern Vets took on the 37km graded mass start from Exeter. As expected, the short sharp climbs around Flowery Gully caused grimaced faces and split the bunches. Paul Butler and Shaun Probert got away on the hills in A grade. Scott Schilg did well to bridge across. Butler was too strong at the end to win from Probert, Schilg in third.A group of six survived to the end in B grade with Matt Bernal taking out the sprint from Michael Wilson and Ricky Allen.

Three hard men came to the fore in the large C grade group. Mark Goodwin was strong all race and took out the win from Doug Blackaby and Dallas Headlam. Brendan Spurr continued his good form in D grade, edging out Nick Wilson who had his third consecutive second place. Oliver Chartrain rode well for third.

In-form Justin Clements again powered away in the last kilometre in E grade, with Leigh Austin second and Ric Easton third.
Holly Lusher had a good victory in F grade from Bob Mason and Tony Savage.

Brian Finn is back and winning, taking out G grade from Andrew Hodson and John Hillier.

The Northern Vets took on a 53km graded mass start through the scenic countryside of Deloraine and Meander. As usual, the drag up Butter Factory Hill to the finish stretched the legs of the various bunches.In the combined A/B group, Greig Watson was in a mood for attacking. Eventually a break with Luke Moore stuck with Paul Butler bridging across. Watson and Butler rode strongly, stayed away and finished in that order. Micky Dalton sprinted from the bunch to take third in A grade. Paul Morgan won B grade from Ricky Allen and Paul Headlam. Doug Blackaby powered to the win in C grade from Bob Bright and Simon Donovan.

It’s clear to see who’s in form in D grade, the place-getters being identical to last week. Kerry Leonard again took the honours from Nick Wilson and James Proverbs. Cynthia Matson won E grade by a few bike lengths, Leigh Austin in second and Traci Lonegran third. Bob Mason won F grade and John Hillier took out G grade.

Considering the numbers sunning themselves in South Australia, supporting Richie at the TDU, there was a good field of 45 riders for the first Northern Vets race of the year at Cressy. Glorious conditions made for fast racing.
Deanne Hylton won G grade. Great to see Ron Grenda racing vets. He and Tony Savage broke away close to home in F grade and finished in that order. The E grade field split on the second lap with Justin Clements taking the win from Leigh Austin and Ric Easton. D grade was a mass sprint with Kerry Leonard taking out the win from new member Nick Wilson and James Proverbs. C grade was won by Pete Booth from Simon Donovan and Bob Bright. In the combined A/B bunch, Pat Coe started the year as he will no doubt continue, riding off the front with Paul Headlam for company. It took a strong effort from Dane Leedham to reel Pat in 1 km from home. Powerhouse Win Mahar was too strong in the A grade sprint with Adrian Adams second and Greig Watson third. Another new rider, Shane Delanty, pipped Ricky Allen to the line in B grade with Dane Leedham in third.