Roster May to August 2018

Date Venue Dist. Fee Meet at Duty Roster
Sun 6 May Evandale 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Gun Club Richard Wells, Alex Robinson, Andrew Flanagan
Sun 13 May Mothers Day – No Racing
Sun 20 May Whitemore 10am 40km $10 P/Score Map Tennis Club Robert Purse, Scott Schilg, Andrew Hodson
Sun 27 May Bracknell 10am 50km $10 GMS Map Oval Mark Goodwin, Jim Knott, David Murray
Sun 3 June Bishopsbourne 10am 42km $10 GMS Map Oval Michael Bailey, Steve Muir, Peter McCarron
Sun 10 June Long weekend – No Vets Racing but Masters Mini Tour on June 9 and 10 run by MVDCC at Sheffield
Sun 17 June Westbury 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Oval Cynthia Matson, Chris Moore, Nick Lawrence
Sun 24 June Cressy 10am 47km $10 G/Hcap Map Check Facebook Sam Pratt, Scott Watson, Leanne Szmekura
Sun 1 July Evandale 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Gun Club Paul Morgan, Robert Wrigley, Tim Burford
Sun 8 July Bishopsbourne 10am 51km $10 GMS Map Oval Andrew Margison,Lance Beamont, Tony Roughan
Sun 15 July Cressy 10am 42km
$10 G/Hcap Map
Church St
(avoid bus stop)
Andy Wells, Grant Murfett, Leigh Austin
Sun 22 July Bishopsbourne 10am 45km $10 GMS Map Oval Nathan Brown, Paul Butler, Dave Chaplin
Sun 29 July Exeter 10am 38km $10 GMS Map Showgrounds Marty Neu, Shelley Wakefield, Gene Finn
Sun 5 Aug Beauty Point 10am 44km $10 GMS Map West Arm Rd Michelle Dabner, Ric Easton, Paul Headlam
Sun 12 Aug Rosevale 10am 51km $10 GMS Map Hall Dave Casalengo, Alister Euler, Dane Leedham
Sun 19 Aug Exeter 10am 38km $10 GMS Map Showgrounds Dave Bingley, Roger Butorac, Justin Clements
Sun 26 Aug Selbourne Hall 10am 46 km $10 GMS Map Selbourne Hall Mick Lockyer, Win Maher, John Lowe

Here is a link to our Printable Roster for this period.