NVCC Road Roster – May to August 2018

Date Venue Dist. Fee Meet at Duty Roster
Sun 6 May Evandale 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Gun Club Richard Wells, Alex Robinson, Andrew Flanagan
Sun 13 May Mothers Day – No Racing
Sun 20 May Whitemore 10am 40km $10 P/Score Map Tennis Club Robert Purse, Scott Schilg, Andrew Hodson
Sun 27 May Bracknell 10am 50km $10 GMS Map Oval Mark Goodwin, Jim Knott, David Murray
Sun 3 June Bishopsbourne 10am 42km $10 GMS Map Oval Michael Bailey, Steve Muir, Peter McCarron
Sun 10 June Long weekend – No Vets Racing but Masters Mini Tour on June 9 and 10 run by MVDCC at Sheffield
Sun 17 June Westbury 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Oval Cynthia Matson, Chris Moore, Nick Lawrence
Sun 24 June Cressy 10am 47km $10 G/Hcap Map Check Facebook Sam Pratt, Scott Watson, Leanne Szmekura
Sun 1 July Evandale 10am 40km $10 GMS Map Gun Club Paul Morgan, Robert Wrigley, Tim Burford
Sun 8 July Bishopsbourne 10am 51km $10 GMS Map Oval Andrew Margison,Lance Beamont, Tony Roughan
Sun 15 July Cressy 10am 42km $10 G/Hcap Map Check Facebook Andy Wells, Grant Murfett, Leigh Austin
Sun 22 July Bishopsbourne 10am 45km $10 GMS Map Oval Nathan Brown, Paul Butler, Dave Chaplin
Sun 29 July Exeter 10am 38km $10 GMS Map Showgrounds Marty Neu, Shelley Wakefield, Gene Finn
Sun 5 Aug Beauty Point 10am 44km $10 GMS Map West Arm Rd Michelle Dabner, Ric Easton, Paul Headlam
Sun 12 Aug Rosevale 10am 51km $10 GMS Map Hall Dave Casalengo, Alister Euler, Dane Leedham
Sun 19 Aug Exeter 10am 38km $10 GMS Map Showgrounds Dave Bingley, Roger Butorac, Justin Clements
Sun 26 Aug Selbourne Hall 10am 46 km $10 GMS Map Selbourne Hall Mick Lockyer, Win Maher, John Lowe

Here is a link to our Printable Roster for this period.

Wet Weather Cancellations:

If weather is looking unfavourable you will receive an SMS around 7.30am if racing is cancelled providing you have supplied us with a mobile number.

*** Also check the NVCC Facebook page for notifications of race cancellation.

Ride out times:

Following some discussion here is a guide for the bunch departure times for those who want to ride to the race.

These times are to allow for the bunch to arrive with a bit of a gap to avoid an inundation for the desk volunteers before sign on closes This also provides a buffer in case of a puncture or incident on the way out as well as catering for all abilities so that legs aren’t ripped off in just getting there and to encourage more people to ride out. Keep an eye on the Facebook page the night before just in case!

Leaving from Statewide Real Estate at the Country Club Ave Roundabout:

  • 0900 – Carrick
  • 0845 – Longford, Bishopsbourne, Whitemore, Hagley
  • 0830 – Bracknell, Westbury, Rosevale, Selbourne, Cressy

Leaving from 5 ways:

  • 0900 – Evandale

Leaving from Margaret St:

  • 0845 – Exeter

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7 thoughts on “Roster

  1. Would it be possible to have a couple of races prior to the State Masters in November, that are age group based, something a bit different and may help to encourage more starters, as there is a bit of a misconception about age group racing being too hard. thoughts.. comments?? woody

  2. Hi Alister, the NVCC run the titles for Cycling Tas and it is a possibility that the time trial may well be in the north the day before which may encourage more entries. Personally, I am not convinced that the thinking that graded races are harder is actually a misconception. I think they are essentially fine for the stronger riders however if you are an E,F or G grade rider fronting up against A and B graders I think the races are harder until you are dropped early and then potentially less satisfying for all involved. I think the reality of getting less riders for State Titles would simply be replicated in any club races that were run along the same lines. The club is currently in the process of exploring ways in which we can value and support our older riders and lower graded riders more and I am not sure age based races would support this endeavour. However this is a personal view and I think discussion on this is a good thing and appreciate you contributing your time and thoughts to the club, good work.
    The other Woody (craig)

  3. I agree totally with the Craig Woody. I don’t totally totally enjoy racing against my own age as there is a huge discrepancy in abilities as Craig pointed out. The strength of our club is partly due to the fact we race against riders who are roughly of our ability and not in categories based on sex or age.

    I also appreciate the club thinking of ways of encouraging the older riders as it seems a pity to me that riders obviously stop racing when they reach a certain age. You only have to look at the numbers and composition of F and G grade each week – particularly through the colder months.

    At 65 years of age I have had to accept I can’t go as fast as most of the younger riders but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my racing as much or that I can’t put in as much effort as anyone else. I have tried to think of ways to encourage more riders to participate in the F and G grade areas but haven’t been able to come up with a solution.

    But if we all put our heads together we might come up with a formula that works for older and lower grade riders. For the club to be discussing this issue in itself is a great start. The committee has my full support.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, as a young pup of the club, it is great to get some feedback from the members who really are the backbone of this great club, the guys who turn up week after week. If i am still riding as well as these guys in the future, i will be happy.

  5. Not really Nigel, possibly never really thought about them, and they tend to be a little of a “moving feast”

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