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Having completely stuffed up his order with the weather God last week, President Ricky Allen did the job correctly today and managed to pull together absolutely perfect racing conditions for the 2018 Morgan Timbers Quamby Classic.

In the One Lap Dash, third place was taken by Leanne Szmekura, second by Kevin Morgan, and first by Craig Morgan. It is also 50 years since Kevin competed in the 1968 Mexico Olympics, making it a big day for the Morgan family.

The main event saw the mid-markers ride smoothly and strongly in their bunches, therefore managing to hold off the chasing back-markers over the undulating 68km course. Top ten places are as follows:

10th: Ricky Allen
9th: Phil Stevenson
8th: Scott Watson
7th: Bob Bright
6th: Michelle Dabner
5th: Paul Headlam
4th: Doug Blackaby
3rd: Nic Lawrence
2nd: Mark Goodwin
1st: Peter Booth

KOM on the first lap was taken out by Leigh Austin. Fastest time was achieved by Andrew Flanagan.

The Committee would like to thank Morgan Timbers for their ongoing support of this feature race, as well as the volunteers who kindly offered their time when the request was made. Thanks to everyone who provided food for lunch during the presentation. Finally, our events wouldn’t be what they are without the ladies who ensure that everything runs smoothly.

With what could be argued, as a tough morning at the office, and with a top turn out, just shy of 50 riders signed on to the 46km Graded Handicap. Good numbers across all grades, with E grade fielding a very large bunch, and A+ ( Scratch ), consisting of just 2 strong riders.

B Grade proved that working in a smooth and consistent bunch, will be hard to beat on the day. They rode through the field, and were at the front of the race when it really mattered. Well done to all the place holders.

1st Overall ; Shane Delanty
2nd Overall ; Mark Goodwin
3rd Overall ; Paul Rowlings
4th Overall ; Brian Dabner
5th Overall ; Nick Lawrence

1st A+ Grade ; Andrew Margison
1st A Grade ;Richard Carroll
1st B Grade ; Shane Delanty
1st C Grade ; Phil Stevenson
1st D Grade ; Tim Burford
1st E Grade ; Peter McCarron

A special thanks goes out to Darren Cook, Tony Bagshaw, Keith Dolting, and Kristy Grubits for doing marshaling duties, this was great appreciated as this is a challenging course, with a lot of blind left/right corners. And also special thanks to the ladies on the desk and finish line Lynne Woodfall, Amy Moore, and Eillen Hillier.

Cool and overcast weather greeted riders this morning at Bracknell for the 56km roubaix course. A steady north-westerly wind made for hard work at times, but gave riders a solid tailwind on the gravel section, with A/A+ reaching 60km/h at one point on the fairly smooth surface.

In F Grade, Tania Gaby rode well to be first across the line. E Grade saw line honours go to Mario D’Alessandro, followed by Tim Gunton and Ric Easton. The combined C/D Grade rode well together, with first-timer Andrew MacDonald taking a strong win in D Grade. Nic Lawrence claimed first in C Grade followed by James Proverbs. In the combined A+/A/B Grade race, Andrew Margison just managed to catch Luke Moore near the line, with Greig Watson following in 3rd.

It pains me greatly to say this, but ride of the day must go to Luke Moore. He launched yet another of his well-known attacks early on the third lap, but this one so very nearly stuck – the A+ riders were only able to get near him in the final moments. All of the training time is clearly paying off, but don’t tell him that because today’s race will be spoken of for decades (by him).

March 25th Deloraine – cancelled due to Western Tiers Cycling Challenge.

March 18th Longford – cancelled due to weather.

The Fingal 50 feature race has been won by Peter Dadson. Set off with Tony Savage, these two shared the work the whole race, buried themselves towards the finish and deservedly stayed away. Behind, a large A/B/C grade group formed just after the turn. Driven by Andrew Margison, this freight train couldn’t quite get to the front markers. The D grade group of Tim Burford, John Frankling, Brooke Lendvay and Dean Mason also rode superbly to stay ahead of the chasing pack.


1) Peter Dadson
2) Tony Savage
3) John Frankling
4) Dean Mason
5) Brooke Lendvay
6) Tim Burford
7) Andrew Margison
8) Paul Rowlings
Joint 9th: Doug Blackaby, Matthew Bernal

Fastest time: Andrew Margison

It’s was a windy, sunny day for the NVCC 40km GMS from Bishopsbourne with a good turn out of 57 riders.

Winton Mahar powered to victory in A grade from Andrew Flanagan and Mike Walsh. Outgoing president Luke Moore decided it was time to show that he can sprint, pipping Mark Goodwin to the line in B grade, Steve Muir in third. Mic Lockyer had his second win in a week in C grade, winning from Nick Lawrence. The Bridport/Scottsdale hills are paying off for Scott Watson in third. A sprint finish in D grade saw another win for John Lowe from Grant Murfet and Dean Mason. Richard Wells won E grade from Peter Dadson. It was good see a good F grade field with Andy Hodson winning from Leaanne Szmekura and Brian Finn.

NVCC enjoyed a solid days racing at Symons Plains, sponsored by Cormiston Legal. Over 70 riders greeted the starter. All grades finished with bunch sprints except A grade where the impressive three man break of Ben Mather, Paul Butler and Andrew Flanagan stayed away.


A grade
1st Ben Mather
2nd Paul Butler
3rd Andrew Flanagan

Prime sprint: Paul Butler
First non placed non A+ rider: Matt Bernal

B grade:
1st Grant Viney
2nd Shane Delanty
3rd Alister Woodrooffe

Prime sprint: Luke Moore

C grade:
1st Mick Lockyer
2nd Andrew Youl
3rd Nick Lawerence

Prime sprint: Dyl Craw

D grade:
1st Andrew Loft
2nd James Coy
3rd John Lowe

Prime sprint: Richard Young

E grade:
1st Russell Hubbard
2nd Adrian Brotherton
3rd David Clark

Prime Sprint: Russell Hubbard

F grade:
1st Martin Simpson
2nd Danielle Paton
3rd Leanne Szmekura

It was great to see over 15 new riders. all of whom will be very welcome at our usual Sunday races. If anyone as any queries about racing with NVCC, feel free to contact myself or a committee member.

Thanks to to the volunteers who gave up their Sunday to allow the event to run. Gary Woodfall and Phil Stephenson on the line. Lynne, Aileen, Doreen and Amy did a sterling job on a busy day on the front desk. And Gavin Moore as our first aider.

Thanks to Sam Pratt for his generous sponsorship

With perfect conditions, and a cool SW wind, made for some tough racing over the 56km undulating course. With the Limit bunches holding off the fast closing Scratch bunches.

Overall Results;
1st Peter McCarron
2nd Russell Hubbard
3rd Leaanne Szmekura

And First in Grade;
A+ Andrew Margison
A Matthew Bernal
B Brian Dabner
C Peter Booth
D Tim Burford
E Peter McCarron
F Leaanne Szmekura

And special thanks to the ladies on the desk, who were also the Finish Line judges, greatly appreciated, and those who did their marshaling duty today.

A good field of 47 Northern Vets took on the lumpy Exeter – Flowery Gully 37km GMS. The climbs split all bunches and made for hard but fun racing. Andrew Flanagan and Matthew Bernal combined to hold off chasing A+ rider Greig Watson in A grade, Flanagan taking the win.

There were 4 left after the hills in B grade. Paul Rowlings is powering along nicely at present and was a deserved winner from Sam Pratt and Doug Blackaby.

A sprint finish in C grade saw Nick Lawrence take the honours from Phil Stevenson and Craig Brooks. Brooke Lendvay had a fine solo win in D grade from Julianne Smith and John Frankling.

Leigh Austin pipped Pete McCarron by a whisker in E grade, Justin Clements in third.

Brian Finn took the honours in F grade.

The Northern Vet’s were blessed with some of the hottest racing, in weather conditions, with those there and pinning on a number, will likely attest to, so far this year. With special thanks to the ladies on the desk and finish line, with James Proverbs, generously helping out. And thanks also to Craig Brooks, Bree Delanty, and Barbara Walton doing Corner Duties.
A & A+ Grades;
1st Matthew Bernal
2nd Dane Leedham
3rd Paul Morgan

B Grade;
1st Shane Delanty
2nd Paul Rowlings

C Grade;
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Tony Roughan
3rd Robert Wrigley

D Grade;
1st Robert Purse
2nd Oliver Chartrain
3rd Micheal Dalton

E Grade;
1st Peter Dadson

F Grade;
1st Andy Hodson

In a perfect way to brush off the holiday cobwebs, the vets were sent up past Poatina village from Cressy. The climb to the village reminded most riders why they love racing, tongues to the tarmac with 30km to go.

Ben Mather made light of his 60 second handicap to win A grade from Gene Finn.

In B grade, Geoff Rollins and Paul Headlam took off at the crest of the climb and were never seen again, finishing in that order. Paul Rowlings had a strong ride in third.

New rider Dyl Craw had a good win in C grade from Warren Moore and Peter Booth. Grant Murfet won D grade from Tim Burford and Brooke Lendvay.

John Lowe looked strong in E grade, winning from Barbara Walton.

Andy Hodson was the F grade winner from Leaanne Szmekura.

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