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Again, it was another great morning for Crit racing at Symmons Plains Raceway, with a mild temperature and the reliably Nth wind.

A special thank you goes to Sam Pratt and Cormiston Legal for their continued sponsorship of these Crits.

A huge turn out of near 75 riders, including the ” Come and try ” riders goes to prove how appreciative the veteran riders are of these events.
Thanks also goes out to the sign-on ladies Amy Moore and Eileen John Hillier, and line judges Jenny Butler and Phil Stevenson. And Race Commissaire Nick Lawrence

And also thanks to Aroma’s Bambino for keeping everyone hydrated and fed.

A Grade;
1st Paul Butler
2nd Andrew Flanagan
3rd Dane Leedham
Prime; Scott Schilg

B Grade;
1st Nathan Brown
2nd Peter Booth
3rd Andrew Brown
Prime; Mic Lockyer

C Grade;
1st Simon Donovan
2nd Corey Beatson
3rd Julian Clayton
Prime; Mark Wilkie

D Grade;
1st Brendan Spurr
2nd Adam Clayton
3rd Janelle Smith
Prime; Brendan Spurr

E Grade;
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Justin Clements
3rd Leigh Pridmore
Prime; Tim Gunton

F Grade;
1st Bron Menzies
2nd Julie Bernal
Prime; Bron Menzies

G Grade;
1st Sheri Digney
2nd Brian Finn
Prime; Sheri Digney

It was glorious summer weather for today’s 40km graded mass start from Exeter. This course always creates fun racing with plenty of breakaways and chasing groups. There was a great turn out especially in A and C grades who had 14 and 13 riders respectively.

Greig Watson broke away solo before the turn and held off the chasing riders in a sensational ride to win in A grade. It was good to see Paul McKenzie out at vets and he rode well to take second with Paul Butler in third. Three B graders got away over the last hill with Matt Hibbs having the strongest kick to take the win from Colin Locke and Ricky Allen. Tyler Reeves keeps winning in C grade and showed he can handle the hills today to pip Andrew Howell with Brooke Lendvay in third. Mark Hogarth rode well to take the win in D grade. Olivier Chartrain had another win in E grade from Justin Clements and Georgina Sertori. Good to see Leigh Pridmore back and fit and he won the combined F/G race from Brian Finn and John Johnni Towers.

In what could well be a rarity with Cressy race day weather, it was a combination of calm and warm at the same time. On cue, the breeze picked up just after 10am.
A good turn out of just over 35 riders signed on, even with a lot of riders in Adelaide watching the T.D.U. and many still on holidays soaking up the sun.
Even with the combining of many grades, or grades racing as one bunch, there was some fast racing, with all finishing in bunch sprints. Proving that many riders were starting the year in flying form.

Many thanks to the ladies on the desk, Eileen John Hillier and Amy Moore, and also to Phil Stevenson for helping out there and on the finish line. Many thanks also to Jenny Butler as Race Commissionaire and duty marshals Andrew Brown, Matt Challis and Peter Westbrook.

A & B Grades;
1st Matthew Bernal
2nd Nathan Brown
3rd Micheal Wilson
4th Andrew Flanagan

C Grade;
1st Scott Evans

D Grade;
1st Jen Booth

E Grade;
1st Olivier Chartrain
2nd Peter Dadson
3rd Andrew Sertori

G Grade;
1st Brian Finn
2nd Andy Hodson
3rd John Hillier

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