Scott Smith takes 1st and Fastest in 18th Annual Somercotes’ Longford to Campbell Town


On 25th September the Northern Vets held their most prestigious feature race of the year, the 62km Somercotes Longford to Campbelltown handicap. This was an occasion for the seven strong scratch bunch to show their class. They worked equally and efficiently to make light of the cross winds and catch the front markers with 18km to go. At this point about 30 riders had massed at the front. Ben Mather launched a searing solo attack on the climb about 10km from the finish. Only the strongest could mount any sort of a chase. It took a mighty effort from a group of about six riders to reel in Mather with 2km to go. The leaders must have been exhausted by this point and it was Scott Smith who showed why he is the club number one rider, taking out the win for his third feature race victory of the year. Dave Bingley was second and Richard Carroll third. The club also ran the 40km Campbell Town dash for the lower grades. Club favourite, Bob Mason had a great ride to take out the victory.

Overall results:                                                               Dash Results

1)        Scott Smith                                                          1)         Bob Mason
2)        Dave Bingley                                                       2)         Raelene Dowling
3)        Richard Carroll                                                   3)         Kevin Morgan
4)         Steven Brown
5)         Andrew Flanagan
6)        Ben Mather
7)        Mike Walsh
8)        Dane Leedham
9)         Shaun Probert
10)       Adrian Adams

KOM:   Ben Mather


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