September 2015 Update from the General Committee & Race Committee

NB: This is only a summary of key points that we consider may be of interest to members


The Committee discussed the upcoming Crit and Feature Races:

The  Finns Bodyworks Symmons Plains Crit  on Sun 11th of October.

The Committee are pleased to confirm the sponsorship of the Crit event has been confirmed by Gene Finn and it was agreed to begin promoting the event and produce a flyer. As usual Gary Woodfall appears to already have this done.

The eligibility for this event was discussed and it was agreed to open it up as an invitational event to non-club members providing they were able to produce evidence of Cycling Australia membership. It was also agreed that we should stick to our club’s policy of providing racing for Women over 30 and Men over 35.
The Somercotes Longford to Campbelltown on Sun 25th of October.

The Committee are pleased to announce that Dave and Julie Bingley have agreed to continue their sponsorship of our premiere road race.  This very generous sponsorship is significant for the club in terms of this event and the general running of the club over the year.

We felt it was important to remind riders of the eligibility criteria for this race so please check the website for this if you are considering entering and have not raced a lot over the last 12months.

The  Graham Kearney Blackwood Creek 70

Neil Kearney confirmed sponsorship for this event again this year and following discussion with the Longford Esk Cycling Club we confirmed they are still happy for us to run this memorial event as our Blackwood Creek 70 Race this year.

Numbers – feeling that these numbers were not the same quality as the samples provided- however these number are ok and working well at this stage.


It was noted that we  have just over $11K in our bank and it was again discussed that while this a positive to have this amount, in real terms it is not a great deal should we be required to replace something like the trailer and the gear it contains. It was also noted again that we are not aiming to build this amount and that we currently aim to use all of the money that comes in to the benefit of the current members / riders.

We are making approx. $20-$40 a race … and it was noted that on the week we have had sandwiches / soup we lost $6- which we discussed was well a small amount to pay for such a positive event.

It was also agreed to bring back the printed newsletter. It was acknowledged that much of the newsletter will contain information / articles that are currently on the website or facebook page but it was agreed that some members may still prefer this style of publication. The intention is to produce one each quarter.

The Committee agreed that the Race committee is working well and it is a positive initiative to finally get up and running.


On behalf of the members the committee would like to thank Bike Central for the sponsorship of the new numbers.  It was agreed to trial this new style of number and we will give them some time and then review this.



This was discussed and it was agreed that it was still adding that something extra to races and was definitely being viewed in the right way by riders and was proving to be a positive addition to racing.



Thanks to Gene Finn for his magnificent Sponsorship of the Criteriums at Symmons Plains

Finns Bodyworks

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