July 2015 Update from the General Committee & newly formed Race Committee


The committee recently had an excellent discussion on the value of our older riders and members.
Apart from acknowledging that we are all heading that way, and that week after week many of our older riders continue to amaze and inspire us ,the discussion centred on what can we do better in supporting and valuing our older riders.

We have given the Race Committee the job of determining how we can best provide and include our older and lower grade riders in our Feature Races and this has seen some positive discussions emerge, stay tuned.

We are also planning to present a RIDER OF THE YEAR AWARD based on participation and results, and while we may extend this in the future to a general award for 2016 we will only have the one award for riders 60 and over in the year 2015.

Who will be the RIDER OF THE YEAR 2015 (Over 60) ?


It has became apparent that as a committee dealing with whole of club issues such as sponsors, finances, club culture etc we simply were not putting sufficient time into looking at the racing rosters and race day procedures, and that other individuals were carrying this load, in many cases without support. As a result, we felt it was important to ensure we had a Race Committee that could keep an eye on and take responsibility for all things pertaining to our club racing.

In an effort to prevent the recurring problem of Race Committees not being formed it was decided that the Race Committee shall consist of the Executive of General Committee and the Handicapping Team.

The 2015 Race Committee is:
Gary Woodfall (Chair)
Luke Moore, Craig Woodfall, Darren Cook, Brian Finn
Paul Morgan, Pete Oliver, Phil Stephenson



Thank you to those people who have been fulfilling their commitment to our club, it simply cannot run without volunteers.
An excellent example this past weekend where we had 3 duty people who simply have not been racing and two not actually current members, but they all turned up and did a great job.  #respect

We wish to remind you that if you are a “No Show” for a duty you will most likely be required to perform a duty prior to being permitted to enter the next feature races. If this applies to you please contact Darren Cook.



The Race Committee have agreed that the minimum numbers of riders that a grade would ideally be asked to race with is 5. If the grade has less than 5 riders then it will be combined with another grade or riders may be split between two grades. Whilst we do not like to do this, the feedback is overwhelmingly against riding off in small groups….especially on cold windy days!!


Thank you to Peter Booth and Jen Badcock of Tas Mobile Caravan Service for sponsoring this series which will run until the end of the year. So far the feedback has been positive as it adds that extra interest on race day. Please remember this is an honour system and we ask riders to claim their places. Points are transferable if you move grades as there will be one KOM winner at the end of the year!!

Finally …..please remember this club is run by volunteers and we appreciate any ideas and feedback …as a committee we will do our best but we will not guarantee to get it right every time ….Safe Riding!!


One thought on “July 2015 Update from the General Committee & newly formed Race Committee

  1. Great idea about combining grades if less than five riders.
    Also the KOM/QOM title is a good idea & ideal for riders to change tempo chasing the title.
    Now we just need smaller cloth numbers & it would be perfect 🙂

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