Possible changes to the planning of the Duty Roster

To all members:

At the last committee meeting there was a discussion around the race duty roster and particularly, whether or not members could pay a set fee ie $50.00 to opt out of doing duty for a year. This is apparently used by some cycling clubs on the mainland and is worthy of consideration. There would need to be rules around it should it be implemented as it could cause unnecessary problems. Some of the things that would need to be considered are:

  1. Should we cap the number of people who could opt out?
  2. How do we decide who opts out should we receive a high number of people wanting to ?

I would recommend, if we go down this path, that we cap it at around 20 as this would raise $1000 for the club and still leave sufficient numbers to perform duty. I also believe that approval should be at the committee’s discretion and preference will be given to encouraging people to join the club, those that are unable to race often throughout the year due to work or family commitments and other hardship reasons.

We are also considering trying to be more inclusive with the duty roster by getting more feedback from members about when they can or cannot do duty and trying, as much as possible, to accommodate these requests.

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Luke Moore

5 thoughts on “Possible changes to the planning of the Duty Roster

  1. Also it would be helpful if members could possibly nominate 3 spread out dates each year that they would possibly be available for duty, so that 1 of those can be selected. As it makes absolutely no sense for them to be put on roster at a time that they knew in advance they may not be available, e.g. if they are also triathletes it would be far better to know and slot them into an off season for that sport. So help us out and think about this!

  2. Great concept. Main reason I don’t race Vets is I can only commit to about 4-5 weekends per year and with duty that would be maybe 2-3 races making it hardly worth the effort. Being able to contribute financially instead would make it much more viable for me.

  3. I think this is a terrific idea Luke.
    Will this work alongside the current plan/process of finding a replacement if you can’t do an allocated duty?
    Perhaps another idea to consider is not capping the number and paying members, something like $10, for duties at selected events? For example combined NVCC/CA events or feature races.
    Thanks for the chance to contribute.
    Kind regards, Scott

  4. Thanks for feedback James. It is exactly this sort of situation we are thinking about. I believe the club would benefit from having people race as often they can and it would therefore be a shame that those with limited weekends available would chose not to join and not risk picking up duty.

  5. Hi Scott, yes it will definitely work along side the current “find your own replacement” arrangement, at which facebook has proved very useful in supporting. The idea is that we are hoping that with initiatives such as this that by the time the roster comes out we are hopefully less likely to require changes, with the added bonus of more riders and more income, however there will always be last minute things that do come up. Not for this discussion but the time is looming where we may require commissaires for every race, so maybe your concept of using some of tis income may be considered when it comes to working out how we manage that. Keep the feedback and thoughts coming guys – it gives the committee the best chance of making the right decision for the club. PS The Avatar assigned to you is a striking resemblance.

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