Cormiston Legal Symonds Crit Result

About 65 riders took to the Symonds Plains Racetrack for the 2017 Cormiston Legal Criterium. On a beautiful autumn day the race the good sized groups took advantage of smooth roads, no traffic and access to the whole road and enjoyed competitive racing in a wonderful environment. The results are:
A Grade 1st Greig Watson, 2nd Shaun Probert and equal 3rd Jason Rigg and Michael Dalton (Northern version) Prime Aaron Dunn
B Grade 1 St Dane Leedham, 2nd Matthew Bernal 3rd Marty Neu PrimePeter Booth
C Grade 1 st Mick Mic Lockyer 2nd Geoff Rollins 3rd Grant Astell (also Prime)
D Grade 1 st Gary Baker 2nd Brendan Spurr 3rd Michael Archer Prime Brendan Spurr
E Grade 1st Justin Clements 2nd Peter Dadson 3rd Tony Bagshaw Prime Peter Pete McCarron
G Grade 1st Anne Wadley-Robertson 2nd Andrew Hodson 3rd Brian FinnPrime Andrew Hodson

Thanks goes to Sam Pratt for sponsoring the race (good to see him back racing), to Gary Woodfall and Mark Wilkie for help on the line and the ladies on the desk. Also thanks to colin Collin Burns for his support and organisation.

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