Qualifying for Feature Races

Based on feedback and conversations with a variety of members over the last few months the committee wishes to clarify the current criteria for qualifying for our club feature races.

We currently run 4 Feature Races a year: Fingal (Feb/Mar);  Quamby (Apr/May); Longford to Campbell Town (Sep/Oct); and the Blackwood Creek 70 (Nov/Dec).

These events are aimed at creating interest, variety and hopefully the opportunity for success in our racing season for our members. We value the club feel we have, and recognise that the volunteers and the  riders who turn up regularly make the club what it is. It is with this fact in mind that we aim to ensure that the riders who turn up week in week out are not disadvantaged by virtue of having a more accurate handicapping profile.

As a result it is a requirement that riders have made a minimum of 5 commitments (e.g. duty, volunteering or racing)  to the club in the 12 months prior to each feature race, these must include a min. of 3 normal club races. NB: If a rider has not raced regularly enough for the handicappers to form an accurate assessment of their form, in the month or two leading up to the feature race,  it is likely that the said rider may receive a grade higher than they were expecting.


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The Fingal Valley Festival “Hard Rock Coal” Fingal 50

a Special thanks to our photographer for today Wesley Sulzberger.

The Fingal Valley Festival provided another great race to Mathina and back. Heading out into a solid headwind, the back groups picked up considerable time, with the leaders, being driven by Suze Dowling, Scott Pratt, Linda Sulzberger and Michael Dalton only 4 and a half minutes up at the turn. Not long after a large composite group comprising Simon Ward, Dale Ridgers, Tony Roughan along with the 3 placegetters joined the leaders and set about to head for the finish. The second scratch group only just getting on the tail of the leading bunch, prior to the finishing sprint. In the sprint to the line Phil Stevenson, jumped away with around 500metres to go, only to be overtaken by Terry Clark and Don Lehner. 20 seconds further back, fastest time was taken out by Scott Smith from Matt Sydes.

1st Terry Clark
2nd Don Lehner
3rd Phil Stevenson
4th Suze Dowling
5th Doug Watts
6th Phil Dunn
7th Mark Tate
8th John Frankling
9th Gary Baker
10th Dale Ridgers
Fastest Time: Scott Smith
1st unplaced Lady: Bernadette Matthews

Very Special Thanks to James Proverbs, and his very young workmate,Brad Clifford, Amy Moore, Deanne Hylton, Michael Sulzberger, Michael Bailey, Jenny Bailey, Gavin Moore and any I may have forgotten for their volunteering at the race, we can’t thank you enough for helping us to run this race.

To view the photos please check our facebook page while they remain in the newsfeed

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