NVCC 2017 Winter KOM/QOM Series

2017 KOM/QOM Series results
KOM/QOM series grade winners:

A grade: Micheal Wilson
B grade: Paul Morgan
C grade: Doug Blackaby
D grade: John Frankling
E grade: Coen de Gier
F grade: Barbara Walton
G grade: Sarah Coates

Overall club KOM champion: Paul Morgan

Second overall: Coen de Gier

Third overall : Geoff Rollins
Click to download final KOM/QOM points.

The Northern Vets have decided to hold the 2017 King/Queen of the mountain series over three weeks (four GMS races) this winter i.e. Bishopsbourne 23rd July, Selbourne Hall 30th July, Beauty Point 6th August with the final race the hilltop finish at Rosevale 13th August.

The rules will be slightly different this year with a competition within each grade (A-G) with a simultaneous overall competition.

There will be a number of intermediate KOMs as per the table below. For each of these, the winner will receive 5 competition points and second place 3 points. As before, these will be honesty placings, as we are unlikely to have a judges in situ. Place-getters will be required to report to the desk at the end of the race.

There will be two hilltop finishes i.e. Selbourne Hall and Rosevale. Again, first and second over the line will receive KOM competition points. The number of points on these hilltop finishes will reflect the number of riders in your grade that day. Second place will receive three points less than the winner. So, for example, if D grade start with 7 riders, the winner will get 7 KOM points and second place will get 4. If C grade start with 12 riders, first place will get 12 points and second place 9. These extra points give greater kudos to the hilltop finishes and reward victories against larger numbers of riders in the overall competition. So encourage your fellow riders to turn up to these races to get more points!

Strava kudos overrated?? Want some REAL kudos?? The points winner from EACH GRADE will win one of the limited edition jerseys below and will be able to wear this at NVCC races until the next KOM competion in 2018. So get yourself out there!

Jersey design

The KOMs will be located as follows:

Race KOM 1 KOM 2 KOM 3
Bishopsbourne Top of the cutting on way out Top of Blackwood Creek Road on return
Selbourne Hall Finish (extra points on offer)
Beauty Point Top of climb West Tamar Highway (lap 1) Top of climb West Tamar Highway (lap 2) Top of climb West Tamar Highway (lap 3)
Rosevale Roseburn Rd Finish (extra points on offer)


Extra notes:

If you are scheduled to be on duty and therefore unable to race, you will automatically be allocated 3 KOM competition points when you turn up for duty.

If one race is cancelled due to inclement weather, the results will be based on the remaining three races.

If two or more races are cancelled, the points will be frozen after Rosevale and the competition completed later in the year.

The rider within each grade with the highest points will receive a cash prize.

The club rider with highest points overall will win the club KOM trophy and additional cash prize. Second and third overall will also receive and additional cash prize.

If a rider moves grades during the competition, his/her points will apply to the grade in which he/she started for the purposes of the KOM competition.

In the event of a points tie, relevant prizes/trophies will be shared.


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