2015 Morgan’s Timber Quamby Classic

In perfect weather conditions, the most even and solid scratch bunch set out after the limit group on 21 minutes, and all in between at a frenetic pace, which they were good enough to maintain for the 68kms of the race. With around 6kms to go approaching the hill for the last time, Mike Walsh attacked off the front of the group, but was kept under a tight rein by the rest of the bunch. At the finishing Sprint it was one the Club’s most consistent performers and racers that held sway, with Scott Smith winning from Matt Sydes, Matt Bernal (who might now believe in his ability) followed by an impressive list of great riders.
We also had a great mix of riders who were successful in the King or Queen of the Mountains for each group.
Thanks to all the volunteers who make our racing possible. 

Make sure you have a look at the great photos on our facebook site that capture the day !!

Outright Placings

1st Scott Smith – and Fastest Time
2nd Matthew Sydes
3rd Matt Bernal
4th Dave Bingley
5th Mike Walsh
6th Tim Elmer
7th Paul Morgan
8th Scott Schilg
9th Gene Finn
10th Richard Carroll
King or Queen of the Mountain
Group 7: Shellie Wakefield
Group 6: Kristy Grubits
Group 5: Doug Watts
Group 4: Ricky Allen
Group 3: Richard Carroll
Group 2: Gene Finn
Group 1: Tim Elmer

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Some thoughts on handicap racing….

The best way to approach a handicap race is for everyone to work together to keep your group ahead of the one behind and catch the one ahead and place your bunch to the front of the race (on time) so one of you (your team) can try and win it. It’s a team event until you hit the front.

In contrast, some people ride handicap races the same as graded mass start races, treating others in their group as threats, and sitting in the bunch conserving energy waiting for the sprint, or even attacking their own group. In a handicap event you should not attack your own bunch, or attempt to put them under pressure, as this disrupts the flow and slows things down. You might be the strongest in the group but it is very unlikely that you are stronger than your group combined, you will need them to get to the finish at the front of the race. You should be working with them, not against them. But feel free to attack inside the last few kilometres if you think you can get to the line, and as a group you can attack any other bunch at any time.

In a handicap event there is a clear expectation that everyone who can, should do their share of turns. Even if you are a sprinter thinking of the win, you should still try to do your fair share of the work, so as you can ethically sprint, it’s a team event remember.

Being part of a well-functioning group in a handicap race where everyone is sharing the workload, aiming to close the gap to the group ahead while working hard to stay ahead of chasers behind, can be an exciting and satisfying experience. The focus should be on getting your group working together properly and sometimes if one or two back off a little the group will actually go quicker.

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Welcome to the “new” NVCC Website

Welcome to the new NVCC Website that we are trialing.

While Facebook will still be the spot for quick updates and online social interaction, this site will be for longer term  information for members and articles. It is hoped that with this new format that we will have more people being able to keep the website up-to-date  and that there will be more opportunity for members to interact through comments on articles.

No doubt it will also have some limitations compared to the traditional structure but we are hoping that the ease to update and the ability to interact may outweigh those limitations.

Scroll down to see other posts and have a look around.

We will see how we go.

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The Fingal Valley Festival “Hard Rock Coal” Fingal 50

a Special thanks to our photographer for today Wesley Sulzberger.

The Fingal Valley Festival provided another great race to Mathina and back. Heading out into a solid headwind, the back groups picked up considerable time, with the leaders, being driven by Suze Dowling, Scott Pratt, Linda Sulzberger and Michael Dalton only 4 and a half minutes up at the turn. Not long after a large composite group comprising Simon Ward, Dale Ridgers, Tony Roughan along with the 3 placegetters joined the leaders and set about to head for the finish. The second scratch group only just getting on the tail of the leading bunch, prior to the finishing sprint. In the sprint to the line Phil Stevenson, jumped away with around 500metres to go, only to be overtaken by Terry Clark and Don Lehner. 20 seconds further back, fastest time was taken out by Scott Smith from Matt Sydes.

1st Terry Clark
2nd Don Lehner
3rd Phil Stevenson
4th Suze Dowling
5th Doug Watts
6th Phil Dunn
7th Mark Tate
8th John Frankling
9th Gary Baker
10th Dale Ridgers
Fastest Time: Scott Smith
1st unplaced Lady: Bernadette Matthews

Very Special Thanks to James Proverbs, and his very young workmate,Brad Clifford, Amy Moore, Deanne Hylton, Michael Sulzberger, Michael Bailey, Jenny Bailey, Gavin Moore and any I may have forgotten for their volunteering at the race, we can’t thank you enough for helping us to run this race.

To view the photos please check our facebook page while they remain in the newsfeed

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2015 Committee after AGM

At Sundays AGM Luke Moore (president) Craig Woodfall (senior vice president) Darren Cook (vice president) Brian Finn, Helen Finn and Lynne Woodfall were all elected unopposed to the committee. We look forward to serving the members of the club in 2015. In the next newsletter will be some of the ideas and developments that the committee will be progressing, so please grab yourself a copy. From me personally I trust we will continue to move the club forward as it has been doing for a number of years now. I would also like to thank all those that have previously served.

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