36 – 20022258 Bracknell Whitemore Cluan 2 laps

Tips for using the map

  • Map operates like a normal Google map – zoom in or out using double left click or out using double right click or by clicking on the “+” or “-“.
  • Left click and drag to move the map to a different location.
  • Change from Map to Satellite (or other options) using the drop down list top right of the map.
  • The map is interactive – move cursor around the route or the along the elevation to track around the course and along the elevation.
  • Left click and drag a section of the elevation to zoom in on that part of the course.
  • Street view is available after changing from ‘RWGPS’ to ‘Map’ (top right) then drag little person icon to check out an intersection or any other section of the course.
  • Return to map from street view with left arrow at bottom of the Street View image.
  • Go to Google Maps Street View by clicking on ‘Google’ bottom left of the Street View image. Google Maps have a much better street view function.