2022 Results

Final race of the year is done and dusted! It was a cool and damp race this morning, but spirits remained high, and all groups worked well together. It was a day for the C graders, who obviously made the most of their larger group, and were able to hold off the scratch pair who were chasing as hard as they could. The handicapping was excellent as all groups were getting very close towards the finish of the race. In the end it was Scott Miller getting the win, followed closely by Jim Knott in 2nd and Mark Fyfe in 3rd.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at the NVCC, looking forward to 2023!
A perfect day of racing today, great weather, lots of smiles and some friendly banter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we saw Leaanne Szmekura taking out a most impressive win after a bit of a break from racing! The handicapper will be busy updating his spreadsheet with his new data I suspect…. hehehehe

November 27th Blackwood Creek feature race cancelled due to very low entry numbers.
November 20th No Racing โ€“ Sallyโ€™s Charity Ride.
November 13th No Racing โ€“ Campbelltown to Swansea โ€“ LCCC โ€“ 12th Nov.
November 6th No Racing โ€“ Recreation Day Long Weekend.
October 30th No Racing โ€“ State Criterium Championships.
October 23rd Deloraine – cancelled due to weather.

An improved field of 17 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s graded handicap at Hagley, on the Selbourne Rd/BlackLn/Beveridge Ln circuit.
There was a distinct chill in the air, but it remained dry with just a light breeze for company for the riders who were split into 5 bunches, with scratch off 20 minutes.
Several riders made welcome returns, which bolstered the A & B grade numbers. Also great to see the new & improved Leigh Pridmore back after a long lay off.
The D grade bunch off 9 minutes were being driven by Burford, Dadson & Oldham, & they eventually caught & passed the 2 front markers on the gentle climb of Selbourne Rd on the last of the 3 laps.
Meanwhile in the chase from behind, it seems there was some confusion amongst the directionally challenged A & B grade bunches, who took a slight detour, which meant neither would get to see the front of the race.
C grade (off 14 min) were in between & perhaps lacked the manpower to catch the D graders who certainly made the most of their numerical advantage to push on to fight it out amongst themselves for the win.
In the final few kms Peter Dadson made a couple of strong moves, but lacked support & was unable to make any of them stick.
At the finish, he & Burf were the first to break for the line, with Dadson fading quickly to be overhauled by Lawrence & Oldham close to the line.
However this was for the minor placings only, as Tim Burford held on to take a strong & well deserved win.
1st Tim Burford
2nd Nick Lawrence
3rd Patrick Oldham
4th Peter Dadson
Our well wishes to our friend Keith Gibson who took a tumble during B grade confusion.
Also Bon voyage to Courtney McGowan who is heading off to warmer climbs next week.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time today. Your help is much appreciated.

October 9th – No Racing โ€“ P.E. Green โ€“ NDCC โ€“ Sat 8th Oct
October 2nd – No Racing โ€“ State Road Titles โ€“ Sat 1st Oct

Thanks to all the volunteers and riders who came out to the race today. With low race numbers we decided to do a handicap race and the ever-evolving handicap spreadsheet showed it is getting very dialled in thanks to all the efforts of Mark Fyfe. I (Keith Gibson) was given a front row seat to the performance of the day, as Paul Butler motored across the course. He steadily chased down the field and, in the end, no one was able to hang on.
1st Paul Butler
2nd Keith Gibson
3rd Tim Burford
๐’๐ญ๐ž๐ฏ๐ž๐ง๐ฌ๐จ๐ง ๐“๐š๐ค๐ž๐ฌ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐“๐ซ๐ž๐›๐ฅ๐ž.
24 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s running of the My Ride Launceston Longford to Campbell Town feature race.
For once the weather gods were smiling, & despite a definite chill in the spring breeze, the forecast showers didnโ€™t materialise.
Riders set off in 11 bunches of 2 or 3, with small time gaps to chase, with the scratch pairing of Rigg & McLachlan at 24 minutes.
A hard chase by middle markers Wrigley & Knott (off 11 mins) saw them pick up the ladies trio whoโ€™d started a minute ahead of them by Cressy. This bunch of 5 promptly became 8 & then 10 as they soon chased down the old timers trio (off 7.30), & then the next pair on the road.
This bunch of 10 stayed together for some distance, until hitting the small rolling hills at about 40km, where one or two, who were maybe not having such a good day, began to lose contact.
Meanwhile the chase from behind was definitely not going to plan, with Patrick Coe losing his wingman in Cressy, & James Nevin suffering a puncture there as well. These disruptions meant that the chase bunches never really gained the momentum they needed for a successful day.
Front marker Michael Appleby rode valiantly from the front, only to be caught & dropped by the chasers on the hill just before the K/Qom point.
In the battle on the hill, Stevenson, Knott, Wrigley & Caroline McLachlan broke away from the rest, with Phil Stevenson winding back the clock to claim the Kom prize.
By this time this group of 4 had put some distance into the others, and the heavy hitters in the scratchman bunch were still nowhere to be seen.
Some strong attacks on the punchy hills near the quarry saw small gaps open up in this leading bunch, but these were quickly closed down once the track levelled out again.
In the run in to the line, it became a 3 horse race, with Caroline not quite able to keep up as the pace ramped up. In the sprint, there appeared to be some momentary confusion over the position of the finish line, with Phil Stevenson timing it perfectly to take the lead in the last few metres, in what was a blanket finish. What a great win, by a great rider, his third win in this race. Congratulations Phil.
Rob Wrigley had done a mountain of work on the front of the bunch & took a deserved 2nd place, with last years winner Jim Knott just behind.
Caroline McLachlan rolled across the line a few metres behind to take 4th place & also 1st lady, with Courtney McGowan next, 20 odd seconds later.
George McLachlan stormed home in 7th & took fastest time (average speed 44.65km/h).
Well done to all riders for taking on what is a tough race, in less than ideal conditions.
Presentations were held at the Campbell Town Hotel, with much good natured banter amid the discussions as to how the race was won & lost.
1st Phil Stevenson
2nd Rob Wrigley
3rd Jim Knott
4th Caroline McLachlan
5th Courtney McGowan
6th Peter Dadson
7th George McLachlan
8th Paul Butler
9th Jason Rigg
10th Pat Oldham
KOM Phil Stevenson
1st Lady Caroline McLachlan
F/T George McLachlan
A great turnout of volunteer help made the day run very smoothly & safely.
Thanks everyone.

September 11th – No Racing โ€“ State Road Titles.
September 4th – No Racing โ€“ Fathers Day.

16 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s handicap race of 3 laps around the Hoggโ€™s Lane/Blackhills Rd/Station Lane course.
Any worries about the weather were quickly put to rest, as Tassie turned on a beautiful spring day of blue skies, light wind & dry road.
One new rider joined us & went into the front marker group of E grade.
D grade had 3 1/2 riders and 5 minutes to make up. The larger C grade bunch were at 10 minutes, & the combine A/B scratch bunch at 17 minutes.
Groups rode well together, but as always on this course, the Hoggโ€™s Lane Hill sorted out the strongest from the not so strong. You could say itโ€™s a pig of a hill.
On the 2nd lap a touch of wheels saw D grader Mark Fyfe, on the ground kissing the tarmac. It was a substantial fall, but thankfully he came away without any major damage other than to his helmet, which did its job well.
As the race progressed, A grade swept up the remaining bunches to fight out the sprint among themselves.
James Nevin continues to go from strength to strength & took out the win ahead of Paul Butler in 2nd, & a valiant effort from temporary A grader Keith Gibson, who hung on all the way to place 3rd.
1st James Nevin
2nd Paul Butler
3rd Keith Gibson
Our sincere thanks to all those on duty today, particularly Andy Hodson for his care of our fallen comrade, Jenny Butler for stepping in at the last minute to help out (& the photos) & Leigh Pridmore for bringing the trailer & course set up, despite himself being on the injured list.

August 21st – No Racing โ€“ Winter Break.
August 14th Bishopsbourne – cancelled due to weather.
August 7th – No Racing โ€“ Winter Break.

Provisional results from a field of 12 riders:
1st Andrew Margison
2nd James Nevin
3rd Robert Wrigley

July 24th – No Racing โ€“ Winter Break.
July 17th Bishopsbourne – cancelled due to weather.

July 10th – No Racing โ€“ Winter Break.

๐ƒ๐ฒ๐ง๐š๐ฆ๐ข๐ญ๐ž ๐ƒ๐š๐๐ฌ๐จ๐ง ๐ƒ๐ž๐ฅ๐ข๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ ๐š ๐ƒ-๐ ๐ซ๐š๐๐ž ๐ƒ๐ž๐ฆ๐จ๐ฅ๐ข๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง
13 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s graded handicap at Evandale.
It was chilly & foggy on the start line, but not a breath of wind.
The 5-strong E grade bunch were off first with a mere 2 minute advantage over the 2 D graders. C grade at 8 minutes, B at 11, & lone Scratchman Kirkham a minute behind them.
The fog lifted as the race reached Nile, to reveal a stunning winter morning with clear blue skies & bright sunshine.
The 2 man D grade bunch made a stellar effort to reach the front of the race just before the turn, with only Peter Dadson of E able to hold on to them over the rolling hills before hitting the flats again.
The chasing bunches were slowly combining & beginning to steadily reel in the front markers.
Phil Stevenson was in the drivers seat for the leaders for the majority of the return journey, and wound back the clock to do a great job in holding the rest of the field at bay all the way to the mist-shrouded finish line.
The 3-up sprint for the win was dominated by a rejuvenated Peter Dadson, who took the win by a bike length, & in doing so earned himself a promotion to D grade. Congratulations.
Nothing separated Phil Stevenson & Mark Fyfe for the minor placings.
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Phil Stevenson
3rd Mark Fyfe
Our thanks as always to our fantastic volunteers who gave up a spot by the fire to come out & help this morning.

June 26th – No Racing โ€“ Winter Break.

Perfect winter weather made for great racing at todayโ€™s graded handicap at Bishopsbourne on the Armstrongโ€™s Lane circuit. Kudos to all 13 riders who took advantage of the warm & windless conditions.
Fairly even time gaps covered the 13 minutes from front markers to the lone scratchman for the 3 lap, 51km race.
Nic Kirkham was that scratchman & he had caught the 2 man B grade bunch by the end of the 2nd lap. They steadily chased down the other bunches, picking up a few passengers along the way, before taking the lead on the last time up Armstrongโ€™s Lane.
This lead bunch was reduced to 6 by the time they were on the finishing straight, where Nic showed his class to win the sprint, with Shane Revell strong in 2nd & Keith Gibson 3rd.
1st Nic Kirkham
2nd Shane Revell
3rd Keith Gibson
Our thanks to all the volunteers & duty riders on the day.

June 12th – No Racing โ€“ Queens Birthday Long Weekend.

June 5th Carrick – cancelled due to weather.

May 29th – No Racing โ€“ Devon 80 Open Hcp.

๐Š๐„๐‘๐‘๐‘-๐‚๐‡๐ˆ๐๐†! – ๐‚๐š๐ฌ๐ก ๐ข๐ฌ ๐›๐š๐œ๐ค ๐ข๐ง ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐Œ๐จ๐ง๐ž๐ฒ.
A small field of 13 riders brave the cold conditions at todayโ€™s graded handicap at Hagley.
The relatively flat course is always popular, & it was very much to the liking of Hobart rider Simon Cash whole stole away from his D grade co-marker on the 2nd lap to solo away from the rest of the race passing E grade in the process, to register a great win. The 2 A graders were not too far from catching him, finishing a minute or so later, lead home by Margo.
1st Simon Cash
2nd Andrew Margison
3rd Paul Butler
Thanks to everyone who helped out with volunteering today, especially Bob Mason, who stepped in to cover at the last minute.

May 15th Evandale – cancelled due to weather.

May 8th – No Racing โ€“ Mother’s Day.

Thanks to the 15 riders who greeted the start line at Whitemore today, an impromptu handicap race was organised with a sunny start freshing North West Breeze. D/E grade off first followed by B/C 6 min later and A grade a further 6 Min behind. The front markers were caught with half a lap to go with A grade splitting up the remaining group up at the start of Station Lane and going on for the win.
1st Ben Mather
2nd Paul Bulter
3rd James Nevin
Thank you to all volunteers and riders who come out to support the Club

April 24th – No Racing โ€“ Anzac Day.
April 17th – No Racing โ€“ Easter.

With the weather gods in agreement, we had a fantastic day for a race. A massive shout out to our friends at Morgan Timbers for their continued support of our club as well as to all the volunteers who kindly donate their time to make these events run so smooth.
All the groups worked well together in an effort to reel in the front markers, but today good fortune favoured the bold and Justin McMullen was very bold when he decided to leave his group and head off on his own. Justin managed to hold off Andrew Margison who had him in his sights but just ran out of road before he could reel him in. Justin also managed to pick up the KOM while he was at it.
1st Justin McMullen
2nd Andrew Margison
3rd Luke Moore
4th Brooke Lendvay
5th Kathryn Woolston
6th Dale Woolston
7th Ricky Allen
8th Jim Knott
First Female Brooke Lendvay
KOM Justin McMullen
Fastest Time Andrew Margison

April 3rd – No Racing โ€“ Inclement weather. Quamby Classic was postponed until April 10th.
March 27th – No Racing โ€“ New Horizons Western Tiers Charity Ride.

๐Š๐ง๐จ๐ญ๐ญ ๐“๐ข๐ž๐ฌ ๐”๐ฉ ๐€๐ง๐จ๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ซ ๐–๐ข๐ง
NVCC held a graded handicap at Carrick on the Westwood Rd course this morning.
The weather was perfect, with mild temperatures & almost no wind.
18 riders greeted the starter & set off in 4 bunches.
Mostly the grades worked very well together & stayed together throughout the 48km race.
C grade caught & passed the combined D/E grade bunch on the final hill of Westwood Rd, & had enough to just hold off a fast charging combined A/B group on the run in along the Meander Highway, to win by barely a minute on the line.
A strong sprint saw Jim Knott tie up another win, with Ricky Allen a strong 2nd & Nick Lawrence 3rd.
1st Jim Knott
2nd Ricky Allen
3rd Nick Lawrence
F/T James Nevin
Congratulations to all riders in what was a well fought race, particularly those who backed up after yesterdayโ€™s open race.
Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers who we really canโ€™t do without.

March 13th – No Racing โ€“ 8 Hour Long Weekend.
March 6th – No Racing โ€“ Jack Kinnane Handicap presented by NDCC (Sat 5th).

Maybe it was due to the threat of showers on the weather radar, but a rather disappointing field of only 14 riders were there to greet the starter at todayโ€™s graded handicap at Cressy. Due to administrative gremlins we raced a different course to that rostered, & took on two laps of the Green Rises/Elphinstone Roads course.
The anticipated showers stayed away, but a gusty southeasterly wind made for challenging conditions for the small bunches, particularly on Elphinstone Rd.
That headwind saw the field come together in the closing stages of the second lap. When the scratchmen made the catch with around 1km to go, no one from the combined bunch was able to go with them.
Apprentice James Nevin had plenty left in the tank to take a convincing win in the sprint from master Paul Butler, with Luke Moore showing good form to claim a well earned 3rd place.
Strong rides by Scott Miller, Phil Stevenson, & Peter Dadson in their respective grades probably deserved something from the day, but ultimately their efforts went unrewarded.
1st James Nevin
2nd Paul Butler
3rd Luke Moore
Thanks to all those who volunteered their time to help out today.
A field of 24 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s GMS at Bishopsbourne over 3 laps of the Armstrongโ€™s Lane circuit.
Overcast, mild with a strong and gusty Northwesterly wind made for challenging conditions on some parts of the course.
E grade set off first & found the going pretty tough. In the end, a reduced bunch came to the finish, with Burfโ€™s pedigree seeing him home ahead of Leigh Pridmore in a strong performance for 2nd place. Probably Burfโ€™s one & only appearance in E after his return from a few months absence.
A similar story in D grade again saw a reduced bunch contest the sprint. It was literally neck & neck in the final 200m with Bob Bright the winner by a nose ahead of Phil Stevenson in 2nd.
The C grade bunch blew apart on the 2nd lap, with Scott Miller making a well deserved return to the winners circle after a brave solo attack on the last lap which saw him take the win by a considerable margin ahead of Ricky Allen who put in a fine sprint for 2nd.
Once again, the race of the day was to be found in the combined A/B grade bunch.
At the start of the 2nd lap, Margo shifted into overdrive along Liffey Rd in the strong crosswind & strung out the bunch putting the rest of the field in the gutter. It was too much for some, with small gaps starting to appear which quickly blew out. Turning the corner into Greenrises Rd with a strong tailwind to drive them along, a select four rider group of 2 A & 2 B graders had a handy gap. Those behind reformed into a chase bunch but were never to see the front again. Ahead of them, Brooke Lendvay & Dylan Forbes attacked the lead bunch on the climb up Armstrongโ€™s Lane causing a small split back to the A graders. However by the top of the hill, Margo was back with them & he then made another strong move which saw Dylan distanced, & eventually return to the chase bunch.
The 3rd lap saw Brooke & Margo put more time into the chasers to eventually win by over 2 minutes, each winning their respective grades. Congratulations Brooke on an epic performance for ride of the day.
A very strong sprint from the in-form Lance Beament was enough for 2nd in B, just ahead of Doug Blackaby in 3rd.
A grade (2)
1st Andrew Margison
B grade(๐Ÿ˜Ž
1st Brooke Lendvay
2nd Lance Beament
3rd Doug Blackaby
C grade(5)
1st Scott Miller
2nd Ricky Allen
D grade(4)
1st Bob Bright
E grade(5)
1st Tim Burford
2rd Leigh Pridmore
Thanks to todayโ€™s volunteers, particularly Noreen Hogan, for stepping in at the last minute to cover medical.
22 riders took to the start line for this morningโ€™s GMS out of Hagley for three laps of the Hoggโ€™s Lane course.
It was warm & overcast, with a swirling NW wind to keep everyone on their toes.
E grade set off first, with the 3 times up the Hoggโ€™s Lane hill enough to cause some big gaps to appear by the finish. It is in fact a pig of a hill.
Mark Fyfe took a very solid win again, (D grade beckons for Mark I fear) with daylight 2nd & Leigh Pridmore next across the line in a strong ride.
The small D grade field stayed together the whole race for a bunch sprint finish, with Lloyd Egan picking up a strong win.
The C grade race was blown apart on the 2nd lap, by a 2-up attack by Team Daltini riders Luke Moore & Doug Blackaby, who just rode away off the front to be out of sight by the start of the 3rd lap. In fact they were so far ahead, they could almost see next weekโ€™s B grade bunch ; )
Doug crossed the line ahead of Luke for a fine win. The best of the also rans was Nick Lawrence in 3rd.
The combined A/B grade bunch were going like a freight train when they pulled out of Station Ln & passed the C graders.
In a very dynamic race, Andy Wells was as attacking as ever & made the important one stick to take the B grade win. He was only just caught & passed on the line by a flying James Nevin who won A grade.
Brooke Lendvay continues to go from strength to strength & took a solid 2nd place in B, followed home by Keith Gibson for his 1st podium since his promotion from C.
Gallantry award for the day goes to Patrick Coe, who stopped to help a fair damsel in distress on the last lap. Top work Pat, thank you.
A grade(2)
1st James Nevin
B grade(6)
1st Andy Wells
2nd Brooke Lendvay
3rd Keith Gibson
C grade(7)
1st Doug Appleby
2nd Luke Moore
3rd Nick Lawrence
D grade(3)
1st Lloyd Egan
E grade(4)
1st Mark Fyfe
2nd Leigh Pridmore
Thanks to our Race director (Scott Watson) & his team of willing volunteers for their great work today.
๐—Ÿ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ ๐˜„๐—ถ๐—ป๐˜€ ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—น๐—ผ๐˜
A somewhat disappointing field of 21 riders greeted the starter for todayโ€™s NVCC Symmons Plains Criterium races.
The clear blue skies & balmy temperature made for pleasant racing conditions despite a punchy southerly breeze which made the home straight a challenge each lap.
Despite an attempted track invasion by some over enthusiastic fans, all races were completed safely, once the offenders had been moooved on.
C & D grades set off first together, with a few early halfhearted solo attacks coming to grief once they rounded the last corner & were met by that headwind. Three riders contested the prime sprint, which was edged by Courtney McGowan. Once across the line, they found themselves with a considerable gap, & decided it was big enough to push on. It turned out to be a great move, working well together for the final 25 minutes, they were never really in danger of being caught.
Doug Blackaby had done the majority of the hard work in the break, but didnโ€™t quite have enough left to reel in Nick Lawrence who had taken a flyer near the end of the back straight, to creep over the line in 1st. Doug was closing fast, but ran out of road for a fine 2nd with Courtney 3rd.
The 2 D grade riders had set off with C grade & shared the spoils with Pat Oldham winning the prime & Lloyd Egan taking the overall.
In E grade Mark Fyfe continued his great form to take the prime sprint, with the wily Peter Dadson out sprinting the rest for the overall win, with Tony Savage & Dean Mason filling the minor places.
Andy Hodson put in a solid ride in F grade.
The combined A/B grade race was the pick of them today.
A huge effort by Paul Butler saw him take an early lead of some 200-300m on the rest of the field for the first 20 minutes of racing. This was enough to see him sweep up the A prime, after which he was gradually reeled in by the rest of the bunch. After doing the lions share of the work in the chase, Andrew Margison took a well deserved win in A grade, to continue his ominous form, but was pushed very hard to the line by James Nevin in 2nd.
Ride of the day was by Lance Beament in B grade, who has only just been promoted from C. Riding & staying with A grade, he took the prime sprint & the overall win in what was a fine ride. Well done Lance.
A grade(4)
1st Andrew Margison
2nd James Nevin
P Paul Butler
B grade(3)
1st & P Lance Beament
C grade(6)
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Doug Blackaby
3rd & P Courtney McGowan
D grade(2)
1st Lloyd Egan
P Pat Oldham
E grade(6)
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Tony Savage
3rd Dean Mason
P Mark Fyfe
F grade
1st Andy Hodson
Our thanks to all our great helpers today.
21 riders greeted the starter at todayโ€™s GMS race at Bracknell.
Blue skies & warm temperatures brought a few riders out of retirement, though they were made to work hard by a challenging south easterly breeze to work into if they found themselves on the front of the bunch.
D/E grade were first away, with Julian Clayton breaking away solo on the 2nd lap to take a fine 1st place in D, with a bunch sprint up the hill deciding E grade. As is usually the case, Mark Fyfe was the strongest & took the win, ahead of Peter Dadson.
The C grade bunch stayed together the whole race, with no rider strong enough to make a breakaway stick. In the resulting bunch sprint, Courtney McGowan bravely broke very early, but the hill & headwind quickly put paid to her chances. Ricky Allen timed his run perfectly to edge out Jim Knott & Nick Lawrence who filled the minor places.
The combined A/B grade race was monstered by Andrew Margison. He broke away on the first lap & rode through the field to take a well deserved win in A grade.
FHaT had the numbers in a big B grade field, and they used them to good effect, with Darren Turner taking a solid win ahead of Andy Wells & Tim Scott close behind in 3rd.
A grade(3)
1st Andrew Margison
B grade(6)
1st Darren Turner
2nd Andy Wells
3rd Tim Scott
C grade(7)
1st Ricky Allen
2nd Jim Knott
3rd Nick Lawrence
D grade(2)
1st Julian Clayton
E grade(3)
1st Mark Fyfe
A top job by our volunteers today made for a smooth & safe race, & all riders appreciate your efforts greatly
Tassie turned on some great weather today as racing made a welcome return for the 2022 season on the 38km GMS Evandale/Nile course.
A great turnout of 30 riders greeted the starter, and enjoyed 25 degrees, with a steady northerly breeze.

The big combined A/B grade bunch made short work of closing the 3 minute gaps between bunches & came home first.
Nic Kirkham continued his great run of form to take a solid win in A grade ahead of James Nevin in 2nd.
A large bunch of B graders was lead home by Andrew Daly of Hobart Wheelers with Kathryn Woolston pinching 2nd ahead of Dale in 3rd to win the Woolston household bragging rights for the week.

C grade stayed together for a bunch sprint (pictured), with Lance Beament too strong in the sprint for Courtney McGowan & Andrew Macdonald in the minor placings.

Phil Stevenson put in a great ride to win D grade ahead of Simon Cash & Pat Oldham in a close finish.

The handicapper will be taking a close look at new rider Andrew Ridge who took a very comfortable win in E grade, ahead of Mark Fyfe & Peter Dadson.
We had a great turnout of volunteers today too, & we thank them all for their hard work.