2021 Results

Selbourne last race for 2021
Another graded handicap with 2 laps of Blacks Lane loop with hill top finish at Selbourne- Keith Gibson cements his place in B grade for next year with a close win 🏆 over Dylan Forbes from Hobart with Nick Lawrence and Mark Fyffe taking 3rd and 4th place

No racing over the Xmas/NY period with first race in 2022 scheduled for Evandale on 23rd Jan (flat out and back course past Nile & return to gun club)

Thanks for volunteers & duty riders today MAppelby, DOttaway, LBeaumont, JButler, NHogan & Ilene Lynette & Amy on the desk

MARGO rides solo through entire field to claim victory at Exeter today in 40k graded handicap (with enough time to sit-up in last 3kms) – remaining places on podium were shared across all grades
1st A.Margison(A)
2nd L.Egan(E)
3rd M.Simpson(😎
4th R.Allen(C)
Thank you to all volunteers AndyH,TonyS, SandraE, A&GMoore
I&JHillier & RickyA – also NKirkham who rode out to do duty from Hillwood but was not needed and rode back home again 👏
𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐁𝐨𝐲 𝐋𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐝 𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝟏𝐬𝐭 𝐕𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐖𝐢𝐧
The weather was about as good as it gets today for the Vets annual trip to the sea-side at George Town. Due to low entries, it was decided to run the race as a graded handicap. Warm sunshine & light winds at the start line, however the wind inevitably found some teeth as the race progressed, making for challenging conditions in both directions on the out & back course.
With home track advantage, lone scratchman Margo made light of the cross headwind on the outward leg & reeled in B & C grades well before the turn, with last week’s winner Keith Gibson again showing good form to be the only rider able to hang on until he too was shown the back door on the climb out of Beechford. Ultimately the front markers of E grade had just enough of a gap to hang on for the win, with a long range sprint deciding the final placings. New boy Lloyd Egan launched very early, but had the strength to see it through to the finish for his maiden Vets win. Mark Fyfe’s recent good form continues & saw him take 2nd ahead of Peter Dadson in 3rd & Michael Appleby in 4th.
1st Lloyd Egan
2nd Mark Fyfe
3rd Peter Dadson
4th Michael Appleby
F/T Andrew Margison
Thanks to all the volunteers (& all the riders) for making the long trip north.
𝐆𝐢𝐛𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐇𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐤 𝐖𝐢𝐧
A small, but quality field of 24 riders took on the last feature race of 2021,
the 72km Graeme Kearney memorial Blackwood Creek handicap, generously sponsored by Doric Engineering.
For once the weather gods were smiling, with dry roads, pleasantly warm temperatures & nothing but a gentle breeze to waft the riders on their way.
Small bunches worked well together, gradually closing down the gaps to those in front. A grade made the catch of B at the end of Saundridge Rd & this combination began to chase hard, but they had a lot of ground to make up to the middle markers. It wasn’t until Elphinstone Rd that 3 middle marker groups finally got together, to throw down a serious challenge to the fast men behind.
Meanwhile the front markers were steadily grinding through the kms & were starting to believe that it could be their day.
In the end the handicapping worked out to perfection, with the front markers being caught on the finishing straight, & the 2nd scratch falling agonisingly short by a matter of a few bike lengths at the line.
It came down to a bunch sprint of around 10 riders, with Courtney McGowan bravely the first to launch & Keith Gibson coming around her in the final metres to take the win & Paul Headlam rounding out the podium.
Nic Kirkham took 4th & fastest time.
1st Keith Gibson
2nd Courtney McGowan
3rd Paul Headlam
4th & F/T Nic Kirkham
5th Ricky Allen
6th Mike Walsh
7th Andrew Flanagan
8th Shane Revell
9th Martin Simpson
10th James Nevin
Presentations folllowed, with lots of yummy food, drink & tales of what might have been.
Our gratitude to all the great volunteers who give freely of their time & effort to make our races happen. Special thanks today to Michael Dalton who went above & beyond at short notice by bringing the trailer, setting up the course & marshalling not one, but two corners.

November 14th No Racing – Sallys Charity Ride No Racing – Sally’s Charity Ride.

A great turnout of 27 riders were treated to a near perfect Tassie spring day for the 48km graded handicap at Whitemore today.
A steady SE breeze kept everyone honest in their bunches, but the roads were dry, & the temperature a balmy 19 degrees.
Some great handicapping saw the A, B, C, & D grade bunches come together on Station Lane on the 2nd lap. This combined bunch worked well together, spitting a fair few out the back in the headwind run to Black Hills Rd & the finish in Whitemore. Ultimately they came up short, & were unable to reel in the large E grade bunch who held on for a well deserved win.
In the run in, Roger Butorac made a brave break for the line, but was closed down by Leigh Pridmore & Phil Stevenson. In the end it was Stevo who turned back the clock to earn the top step on the podium.
1st Phil Stevenson
2nd Leigh Pridmore
3rd Roger Butorac
A gr Andrew Margison
B gr Andrew Flanagan
C gr Keith Gibson
D gr Tim Burford
E gr Phil Stevenson
Our gratitude to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped out today.
Special thanks to Paul Headlam for the photos (& commissairing).

October 31st – No Racing – Recreation Day Long Weekend.October 24th – No Racing – State Road Championships.

Racing made a welcome return to the Panshanger Rd out & back course at Longford today.
At the briefing, we paused for a few moments to reflect on the recent passing of our friend & club legend Gary Woodfall. He has been an integral part of the fabric of our club for so many years & will be sadly missed by us all…
Low rider numbers meant that grades were combined which turned out to make for some excellent racing.
The combined B/C grade bunch of 7 stayed together on the outward leg, with a few half hearted solo attacks on the return, which were all reeled in. Andrew Flanagan took off 2 or 3 kms from the line, & with the rest looking at each other, stayed away for a deserved win. The bunch sprint for 2nd was edged by Nick Lawrence, a whisker ahead of newly promoted Jim Knott.
In the well represented E grade race, a very strong sprint saw Richard Wells leap from the bunch 50m from the line to take a strong win from Mark Fyfe in 2nd.
Ride of the day goes to Michael Appleby who won F grade in his return to racing after a horrific training ride injury in the early part of this year.
B grade(3)
1st Andrew Flanagan
C grade(4)
1st Nick Lawrence
E grade(6)
1st Richard Wells
2nd Mark Fyfe
3rd Patrick Oldham
F grade(2)
1st Michael Appleby
We had a great turn out of volunteers, for which all riders were extremely grateful.

October 10th P.E.Green – Presented by N.D.C.C.

26 riders eventually greeted the starter for the rescheduled My Ride Launceston Longford to Campbell Town feature race today.
Thankfully the forecast showers did not make an appearance, but the clear blue skies & gentle warmth had some of the gloss taken off by the steady southeasterly breeze which made for a headwind for pretty much the whole course.

A top job by the handicapper, saw most riders cross the line within a couple of minutes of the winner.
Middle markers Jim Knott & Scott Miller had lost their 3rd musketeer before the start but the two of them rode exceptionally well together to chase down the leading bunches to get to the front of the race, with Jim taking the kom prize. They had picked up Patrick Oldham on the way, who also rode a fine race. In the end it was a very convincing win to Jim who rode away from the others on the run in. After a mountain of work, Scott was unable to hang on & was pipped to the line by Dylan Forbes, who had managed to distance his own bunch in the last few kilometres.
Scratch bunch came in a minute or two behind the leaders, with a very close sprint between Margo & James Nevin finishing in that order by half a wheel.
1st & kom Jim Knott
2nd Pat Oldham
3rd Dylan Forbes
4th Scott Miller
5th Martin Simpson
6th Mark Fyfe
7th Doug Blackaby
8th Paul Headlam
9th Nick Lawrence
10th Shane Revell
Fastest time Andrew Margison
1st lady Diane Ottaway

Thanks to our great army of volunteers who were out in force today.
Massive thanks to our great sponsor Ben Mather of MyRide Launceston for his very generous ongoing sponsorship of this race.

The sun was out, the winds were light, and the racing was exceptional. 3 Laps of the Westbury / Emu Plains circuit provided limited opportunities to drop riders, but that didn’t seem to stop the attacks. As always it was great to see many of our regular races as well as a few familiar faces who haven’t been racing latly.
A Grade
1st Andrew Margison
2nd James Nevin
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Steve Muir
1st Jim Knott
Tim Burford
1st Mark Fyfe
2nd Phil Stevenson
3rd Dean Mason
1st Andy Hodson

September 19th – Longford to Campbell Town race postponed due to weather.

Blue skies were the order of the day as 18 riders greeted the starter for today’s graded handicap at Deloraine, for two laps of the Devon 80 course.
The roads had dried out nicely after the recent rain, with the help of a brisk westerly, which made for great racing conditions.
Small bunches of mostly three or four riders, meant there was no hiding place if you were not having a good day, but the handicapper had done an outstanding job, with pretty much the whole field coming together within the last few kms.
D grade wouldn’t be caught though, with Jim Knott making a welcome return to racing after a lengthy lay off, to outsprint Burf to tie up a solid win.
Mark Fyfe had distanced his fellow E graders in the hills & took a comfortable 3rd place.
A & B grades had combined on the 2nd lap & came storming home, but in the end came up just short, with Nic Kirkham winning A, & a strong B grade win to Steve Muir who was the only B grader strong enough to stay with A grade over the hills.
C grade worked very well together, but ultimately weren’t strong enough to reel in the front markers, with Nick Lawrence winning their bunch sprint.
Andy Hodson put in a very solid effort for the F grade win.
1st Jim Knott
2nd Tim Burford
3rd Mark Fyfe
Grade winners
A Nic Kirkham
B Steve Muir
C Nick Lawrence
D Jim Knott
E Mark Fyfe
F Andy Hodson
We had a great turn out of volunteers & helpers today, as always. Many thanks everyone, & to Tim O’Shannesy for the pics.

September 5th – No Racing – Father’s Day.

August 29th Hagley – cancelled (again) due to weather.

August 22nd Hagley – cancelled due to weather.

August 15th – No racing.

August 8th – No racing.

16 riders greeted the starter at today’s GMS race at Bishopsbourne on the Armstrong’s Lane circuit.
The weather gods were smiling & gave us a beautiful sunny day, with the gusty westerly wind doing a great job of drying out the roads after yesterday’s heavy rain.
E grade were the 1st bunch away, with Burf putting the hurt on from the go, eventually taking a strong win from Mark Fyfe in 2nd.
C grade had the biggest bunch of the day, & were driven along mostly by Shane Revell & Lance Beament, with the remainder mostly passengers.
It came down to a bunch sprint into the strong headwind, with Shane taking a deserved win, ahead of Lance & a very fast finishing Courtney McGowan, with her 1st podium finish at a club race.
A small A & B combined bunch shed a few riders a long the way, with a great ride by Patrick Coe to ride himself back to the bunch after being dropped on the hill, to take 2nd in B, behind a very strong Nic Kirkham. Margo was in a class of his own (literally) to take the A grade win.
A grade(1)
1st Andrew Margison
B grade(3)
1st Nic Kirkham
2nd Pat Coe
C grade(7)
1st Shane Revell
2nd Lance Beament
3rd Courtney McGowan
E grade(4)
1st Tim Burford
2nd Mark Fyfe
Thanks to our volunteers & those riders who turned up to do duty today. And thanks to Dean Mason for the photos.

July 25th – No racing.

It was a great day to be out racing with the NVCC today. The sun was shining and the wind was absent (much like a certain A grade rider who will remain nameless 😉 ). The rolling terrain combined with the uphill finish made for a hard day as the strong riders emerged across the finish line. Thank you very much to all our wonderful volunteers who make our club what it is, we would not exist without you! Thanks to everyone who made the long trip up from down south to come race with us as well!
A Grade
1st Ben Mather
2nd James Nevin
3rd Christopher James Brinkman
*DNS PM * 🙁
B Grade
1st Sam Pratt
2nd Scott Smith
3rd Martin Simpson
C Grade
1st Shane Revell
2nd Keith Gibson
3rd Steve Muir
D Grade
1st Jim Knott
2nd Leigh Austin
3rd Tom Watt
E Grade
1st Tim Burford
2nd Mark Fyfe

July 11th – No racing.

19 riders were treated to near perfect racing conditions for this morning’s GMS race out of Hagley.
The early fog & chill gave way to a gorgeous tassie winter’s morning with no wind & bright sunshine.
It was great to also have a couple of new lady riders joining us for their first race with the club.
The new course proved popular with the racers. There were 3 laps which took in Selbourne Rd, Black Lane, Emu Plains Rd, Beveridge Rd & a short run back along the MV highway.
E grade were first away and the group was subjected to constant attacks from Burf (of course), the other riders taking it in turns to chase him down. Peter Dadson ended up taking 1st place with a strong sprint ahead of Dean Mason in 2nd & Burf rounding out the podium.
C grade stayed together to the finish, with Hobart rider Shane Revell coming home ahead of last week’s winner Lance Beament & the ever consistent Keith Gibson in 3rd.
A & B grade were combined, and the bunch was decimated by mechanical issues in the closing stages of the final lap: one flat & one loose wheel.
Newly promoted Jamie Richardson took out the B grade win & Andrew Margison making a welcome return to winning ways in A grade.

A grade(2)
1st Andrew Margison

B grade(3)
1st Jamie Richardson

C grade(😎
1st Shane Revell
2nd Lance Beament
3rd Keith Gibson

E grade(6)
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Dean Mason
3rd Tim Burford

A great & much appreciated job by all our volunteers made the day run very smoothly. Thank you all.

June 27th – No Racing – Devon 80.

NVCC Race at Evandale today 20 starters GMS over 40k out and back course to the start of gravel road in cold and foggy conditions

A&B combined(5)
1 Nick Kirkham
2 Andrew Margison

C&D combined(7)
1 Lance Beaumont
2 Steve Muir

E (6)
1 Tony Savage
2 Leigh Pridmore

F (2)
1 Micky Loedeman

June 13th – No Racing – Queens Birthday Long Weekend.

Sixteen riders were treated to chilly, but dry & still conditions for today’s GMS race on the Cluan Rd circuit at Bracknell.
Due to somewhat low numbers, a few grades were combined to make for more interesting racing. Thanks to those riders, Patrick Coe, Jim Knott & Simon Cash for stepping up.
E grade was first away, & the bunch stayed together throughout, with the eventual uphill sprint finish taken out convincingly by Peter Dadson.
The combined C/D grade bunch was the biggest of the day, with the 2 D grade riders looking very comfortable, & contributing plenty to the bunch.
Despite several good attacks, most notably by Ricky Allen, this bunch also stayed together until just over 1km from the finish, when Ricky launched again, this time dragging Keith Gibson & Simon Cash with him. It looked like it’d be these 3 filling the podium; that is until Steve Muir engaged overdrive to hunt them down; in doing so providing the perfect lead out for Nick Lawrence, who snook ahead of Keith on the run in to the line. Keith’s efforts at the silverdome last night eventually taking their toll on his legs, which could be seen turning to lime jelly before our eyes.
Simon Cash rode strongly on his return to racing to take the win in D grade.
It was great to see Pat Coe back in action after a lengthy lay off, & he very gallantly agreed to keep A grade company & stayed with them all race.
James Nevin’s amazing vein of form continued, with him taking out the A sprint in style once again today.
F grade completed 1 lap with Craig Morgan taking the bragging rights from his big brother this time.
A grade
1st James Nevin
B grade
1st Patrick Coe
C grade
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Keith Gibson
D grade
1st Simon Cash
E grade
1st Peter Dadson
F grade
1st Craig Morgan
The volunteers really stepped up today, braving the wintry conditions. Thank you all 🙏.
Great to see Mr & Mrs NVCC, Gary Woodfall & Lynne Woodfall helping out again today.

May 30th – No Racing – MVDCC Masters Mini Tour

21 riders made it to the start line for today’s GMS race on an excellent new course starting at Carrick, heading to Hagley & Bracknell before finishing on Bishopsbourne Rd back in Carrick.
The persistent fog made for cool conditions, but also meant there was no wind to speak of.
Some juggling of grades made for good sized bunches & great racing.
F grade set of first, on a slightly shortened course & were brought home with another strong ride by Kevin Morgan ahead of brother Craig.
Big splits in E grade saw a reduced bunch contest a close sprint, which was deservedly won by club stalwart Leigh Pridmore, just ahead of Dean Mason, with Burf in 3rd.
The C grade ranks were boosted by reinforcements from B & D for the biggest bunch of the day. Once again Jamie Richardson was too strong for the rest & took a comfortable win ahead of the one legged Steve Muir who cramped on the run in, & only just held off a fast finishing Scott Miller in 3rd.
The A grade race finished in a 3 up sprint, with returning rider Dave Bingley grabbing the win ahead of James Nevin & Paul Butler.
A grade(5)
1st Dave Bingley
2nd James Nevin
C grade(7)
1st Jamie Richardson
2nd Steve Muir
3rd Scott Miller
E grade(6)
1st Leigh Pridmore
2nd Dean Mason
3rd Tim Burford
F garde(3)
1st Kevin Morgan
As always, our volunteers did a fantastic job for us today, thank you all.
19 riders greeted the starter for today’s GMS on the Evandale-Deddington course. Clear blue skies & a relatively warm temperature were a very welcome surprise given the forecast. However the NNE wind started right on cue just before 10 o’clock & it had a real bite to it, which made for challenging crosswinds on Deddington Rd & a block headwind on the return from Nile to the finish. Tough conditions indeed.
F grade set off first, with Morgan senior too strong for his little brother into that headwind finish.
E grade was the biggest bunch of the day, with the crosswinds & tired legs from yesterday’s open race seeing a few riders discharged out the back, before a very tight sprint finish, with Mark Fyfe continuing his rich vein of form to take the win by millimetres from Dean Mason, and Roger Butorac making a welcome return to the podium in 3rd.
C & B grades were combined & the bunch was driven hard by the Bs, but largely staying together, ending in another bunch sprint. Martin Simpson was strongest & took the B win ahead of new rider Jamie Richardson, who deservedly won C ahead of Nick Lawrence in 2nd.
There must have been some loud explosions in A grade with the whole bunch disintegrating & all riders reaching the line by themselves, Paul Butler being the last man standing to take 1st place.
A grade(3)
1st Paul Butler
B grade(2)
1st Martin Simpson
C grade(5)
1st Jamie Richardson
2nd Nick Lawrence
E grade(7)
1st Mark Fyfe
2nd Dean Mason
3rd Roger Butorac
F grade(2)
1st Kevin Morgan
Thanks to all the volunteers & duty riders as always, you all did a great job.

May 9th – No Racing – Mothers Day.

Thick fog saw a course change for today’s GMS at Bishopsbourne.
21 riders tackled 3 laps of the Armstrong’s Lane circuit. Not far into the race, the fog began to lift to reveal a perfect autumn day with no wind & bright sunshine.
The reduced numbers at the pointy end of the field meant only 3 riders in the combined A/B grade. Newly promoted James Nevin continued his great run of form to take out the win.
Great support from our Hobart riders saw an even number of northerners & southerners in C grade, which was the biggest bunch of the day. Some great, even racing saw it all come down to a bunch sprint, with bragging rights to the up’ards: Nick Lawrence & Steve Muir timing their sprints well, to finish just ahead of Shane Revell in 3rd.
Another sprint finish in the D grade race was won by Jim Knott just ahead of Scott Miller.
Peter Dadson used all his race nouse, to grind out another win in E grade, with the evergreen Phil Stevenson 2nd (after a review).
New rider Russell Broomhall had a successful start to NVCC racing, taking the win in F grade.
A/B grade(3)
1st James Nevin
C grade(6)
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Steve Muir
3rd Shane Revell
D grade(4)
1st Jim Knott
2nd Scott Miller
E grade(5)
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Phil Stevenson
F grade(3)
1st Russell Broomhall
Our thanks to all the volunteers & duty riders today & always for their continued hard work in getting our events happening.
The club sends its very best wishes to our friend Michael Appleby as he recovers from some significant injuries sustained in a training ride crash this week. Speedy recovery Michael.
Also congratulations to regular A grade rider George McLachlan who achieved a top 100 finish at yesterday’s Melbourne to Warrnambool race. Well done George.

April 25th – No Racing – Anzac Day.

Summer made a very welcome return for the 26 starters at today’s NVCC GMS at Bracknell, with riders completing 2 laps of the Whitemore/Cluan circuit. The steady Northwesterly made for a challenging headwind along Whitemore & Adelphi Rds, but riders were compensated for this by the nice tailwind to the finish line.
Several riders backed up from some great results at yesterday’s state TT championship. Awesome effort guys.
F grade completed 1 lap of the course, with Kevin Morgan too strong for Leaanne Szmekura, who made a welcome return to racing today.
A very strong field of 8 riders in E grade, saw Dean Mason get the jump in the sprint up the hill to take the win from Burf & Roger Butorac who were not far behind.
The small D grade race was taken out by a strong finish from Hobart track specialist Justin McMullen, ahead of Leigh Austin.
The C grade race broke apart towards the end of the 1st lap, with Steve Muir breaking away off the front, time trialing to the finish, despite towing a passenger for pretty much the whole 2nd lap, and the chasing bunch were not able to bring them back. The sprint for 3rd saw Ricky Allen use his climbing prowess to edge ahead of the rest.
The small A & B bunches were combined & stayed together for the most part, despite plenty of attacking moves, notably by Greig Watson, with a very close finish between Andrew Margison who won A, from James Nevin (B); Scott Smith taking 2nd in B.
A grade(3)
1st Andrew Margison
B grade(4)
1st James Nevin
2nd Scott Smith
C grade(6)
1st Steve Muir
2nd Nick Lawrence
3rd Ricky Allen
D grade(3)
1st Justin McMullen
E grade(8)
1st Dean Mason
2nd Tim Burford
3rd Roger Butorac
F grade(2)
1st Kevin Morgan
Thanks to all our volunteers, who took our money, marshalled, drove lead & tail cars, commissaired, set up & packed up the course, & judged the finish line. Great job everyone.
A great turnout of over 30 riders braved the sudden onset of winter to take on the NVCC Quamby Classic, generously sponsored once again by Morgans Timbers.
The strong & gusty southerly wind brought an icy blast off the snow dusted western tiers making for very tough conditions for the 7 small bunches out on the road.
A top job by the handicapper meant that most groups stayed away from one another until well into the 2nd lap.
Michael Appleby rode superbly, leaving the rest of the go bunch in his dust, soloing to what looked like being a great win. He came agonisingly close, only getting caught by the big hitters of B grade in the finishing straight.
This B/2nd scratch bunch had shown their quality to cut through the rest of the field, while just holding off the chasing scratchies, to take the lead in the final kilometres. Andy Wells was the pick of the bunch, showing great form after his injury comeback, to take the win by a good margin, ahead of 1st Lady Belamie Flint, who was a nose ahead of Andrew Flanagan in 3rd. Doug Blackaby is another rider in great form and was the best of the C graders, taking 4th place ahead of Mr Consistent James Nevin in 5th. In the end Michael Appleby had to settle for a very creditable 6th place, ahead of Andrew Margison (fastest time) & Paul Butler.
The K/QOM prize also went to Michael Appleby who must be feeling very satisfied with his day.
3 riders raced hard in the 1 lap dash event, which was won by Craig Morgan.
1st Andy Wells
2nd Belamie Flint
3rd Andrew Flanagan
4th Doug Blackaby
5th James Nevin
6th Michael Appleby
7th Andrew Margison
8th Paul Butler
1st Lady Bel Flint
Fastest time Margo
KOM Michael Appleby
Dash Craig Morgan
We had a fantastic turn out of volunteers today, marshalling corners & bridges, commissairing, lead & tail cars & the lovely ladies on the line & sign on desk. Thank you all.

April 4th No Racing – Easter.

20 riders greeted the starter at this morning’s graded handicap on the Devon 80 course in Deloraine. A light breeze at the start grew stronger as the race progressed, adding a little extra spice to what is always a challenging circuit.
A navigational miscalculation by certain members of the C grade bunch saw the whole grade caught at the end of the first lap by the small but hard working combined A/B scratchman group. 5 of the 6 C grade starters recorded a DNF, retiring after 1 lap, with Brooke Lendvay the only one with the horsepower to hang on to the back markers. This bunch then proceeded to cut through the rest of the field and take the win by a minute or so, ahead of the very competitive E grade bunch. Nic Kirkham was strongest in the final sprint, comfortably ahead of Paul Butler (2nd) who’d put in a massive shift, and Brooke in a well-deserved 3rd place.
A 3-up sprint in E saw rider of the moment Mark Fyfe continue his great form to just edge out Michael Appleby & Leigh Pridmore.
D grade weren’t far behind them, with returning rider Jim Knott well ahead of the rest across the line.
1st Nic Kirkham
2nd Paul Butler
3rd Brooke Lendvay
A/B grade (3)
1st Nic Kirkham
C grade (6)
1st Brooke Lendvay
D grade (4)
1st Jim Knott
E grade (7)
1st Mark Fyfe
Our gratitude to our volunteers today, who did a great job to help the day go off without incident.

March 21st No Racing – Horizons Western Tiers Charity Ride.

31 riders greeted the starter for today’s combined NVCC/NDCC Jack Kinnane feature handicap race. The 56km course took riders from Longford to the top of the hill at the Macquarie/Valleyfield Rds junction, with the hilltop finish making for a very exciting race.
The small bunch of A graders worked hard to catch the much bigger B grade bunch at around the half way point. Once combined they flew along, taking advantage of the slight tailwind, sweeping up C grade with around 10km to go.
Meanwhile the D grade bunch had ridden well together, catching & passing the two bunches ahead of them.
Crossing the bridge at the 2km to go mark, the A/B/C superbunch had the front of the race in sight & powered up the hill, spitting riders out the back all the way to the finish.
The remaining D graders must have sensed the approaching tsunami, with Caroline Mclachlan the first to make an attack, only to be shut down, caught & passed by Will Swan, who took a great win, with Bob Bright rounding out the podium, with a strong 3rd place, ahead of Burf & Scott Miller who filled the minor placings.
1st Will Swan
2nd Caroline Mclachlan
3rd Bob Bright
4th Tim Burford
5th Scott Miller
A grade (4)
1st George McLachlan
B grade (7)
1st Nick Kirkham
2nd Callum Howard
C grade(7)
1st Shane Revell
2nd Nick Lawrence
D grade(5)
1st Will Swan
2nd Caroline McLachlan
E grade(6)
1st Tim Burford
2nd Richard Wells
F grade(2)
1st Diane Ottaway
1st George McLachlan
2nd Andrew Margison
1st lady Caroline Mclachlan
Thanks to all the volunteers, especially Andrew Flanagan for a great job with the handicapping, and Patrick Coe for bringing the trailer & course set up & clear up.

March 7th No Racing – 8 Hour Day Long Weekend.
February 28th Whitemore – cancelled due to low entry numbers.

A good field of 25 riders were treated to exceptionally sunny & warm conditions for today’s GMS at Bishopsbourne covering 3 laps of the Armstrong’s Lane circuit.
The newly resurfaced sections on Greenrises Rd & Armstrong’s Ln made for some tricky conditions, but thankfully everyone negotiated them safely.
The small A grade field had started with B, but escaped on the second lap, with Margo having enough left in the legs at the finish to comfortably take the win.
B grade saw a 6 rider blanket finish, with James Nevin’s exceptional vein of form continuing for him to take the win by a tyre ahead of Michael Shelton & Shane Delanty.
Brooke Lendvay showed the boys how it’s done in C grade, riding strongly all day for a deserved win ahead of Nick Lawrence & new rider Adrian Cooper in 3rd.
2 D graders had started with C, doing their fair share of the work until an acceleration on the 2nd lap saw them distanced & then individual time-trialling to the finish, with Scott Miller taking a determined victory & making the trip north worthwhile.
A strong bunch in E grade made for good racing, with Mark Fyfe too strong in the end ahead of the 2 septuagenarians, who are both ominously regaining their form after enforced lay offs.
Good to see Di Ottaway back & taking out F grade.
A grade(2)
1st Andrew Margison
B grade(7)
1st James Nevin
2nd Michael Shelton
3rd Shane Delanty
C grade(6)
1st Brooke Lendvay
2nd Nick Lawrence
3rd Adrian Cooper
D grade(2)
1st Scott Miller
E grade(7)
1st Mark Fyfe
2nd Tim Burford
3rd Phil Stevenson
F grade
1st Diane Ottaway
A great job by all the volunteers, some of whom stepped in at the last minute to covers absences, kept the race running smoothly. Thank you.
It was another great day of racing as a field of 20 took on the challenging Biralle road out and back course. The weather was fantastic and provided a much appreciated tailwind on the way back towards the finish line. As C grade was split into two groups, the group of Pat O, Scott M, Nick and myself worked together and slowly reeled in the group’s in front of us. Somehow we managed to hold off the charging groups behind us and Nick and I shared a dead heat finish (thanks Nick 😉).
Well done to everyone who made it out to race, and a big thank you to the wonderful volunteers who make our club run so smoothly. It was great to see Tim B back on the bike and looking fit, a bit of bad luck with the flat tyre.
Next week we race at Bishopsbourne, with a 3 lap circuit of Armstrongs lane, followed by our AGM. If you are able to make it please do so. There are a couple of changes to the club constitution to discuss and it would be great to see everyone. Bring a plate and enjoy some nibbles post race.
Grade Results:
B Grade: Nic Kirkham
C Grade: Nick Lawrence / Keith Gibson
D Grade: Patrick Oldham
E Grade: Phil Stevenson
F Grade: Andy Hodson
Overall Results:
1st: Nick Lawrence Keith Gibson
3rd: Patrick Oldham
A small, but quality field of 27 riders enjoyed a perfect summer’s day at the Symmons Plains Raceway criteriums, which were once again generously sponsored by Sam Pratt of Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers.
A gentle Sou’westerly breeze grew stronger as the morning wore on, making for a tough final corner & sprint for some of the later races. Thanks to the few riders who doubled up & managed a couple of races, which helped build the numbers in the less well represented grades.
A dominant performance by James Nevin saw him take out the intermediate sprint & 1st overall in B grade, as well as doing some big turns on the front.
Tourist & Zwifter Paul Millynn will be taking the chocolates back to NSW after his win in C grade, with fellow new rider Andrew Ridge taking out the prime.
The small D grade field was boosted by the addition of a couple of tired C graders, but the win went to Andrew Ridge, followed across the line by the ever improving Patrick Oldham who put in a strong ride & also won the prime.
A good field in E grade was won by mr consistent Peter Dadson, with nothing between Tony Savage & Dean Mason in the minor placings; Dean also winning the prime.
Andy Hodson won F grade ahead of Kevin Morgan, with a dead heat between these two in the prime.
B grade
1st & pr James Nevin
2nd Shane Delanty
3rd Belamie Flint
C grade
1st Paul Millynn
2nd Nick Lawrence
3rd Doug Blackaby
Pr Andrew Ridge
D grade
1st Andrew Ridge
2nd & pr Patrick Oldham
3rd Peter Cameron
E grade
1st Peter Dadson
2nd Tony Savage
3rd & pr Dean Mason
F grade
1st Andy Hodson
2nd Kevin Morgan
Thanks to the great team of volunteers for their work in looking after us & making today’s race possible.

January 31st Exeter – cancelled due to weather.
January 24th Evandale – cancelled due to low entry numbers.