2018 Results

Team Competition results – 2018

The Northern Vet’s held the annual Xmas Break Up race in Evandale this morning with a good turn out of 45+ riders sign on. The weather was unusually warm, humid, and with light SE winds making for good racing conditions. With all grades taking full advantage of these rare phenomena, some great bunch times were recorded.

As always, huge thanks to the ladies on the desk and finish line for a year of tireless and conscientious attendance and commitment. It is fitting that the club is providing a lunch to Eileen and John Hillier, Amy Moore and Gavin Moore, Lynne Woodfall and Gary Woodfall, Doreen Stevenson and Phil Stevenson, Helen Finn and Brian Finn as a thank you for their efforts and support. This is of course not forgetting Jenny Butler and Noreen Hogan, who are always there helping every week, and were presented with wine from the club. Thank you all for your help and commitment to the weekly running of club events, it is greatly appreciated from all the members.

A Grade;
1st – Shane Delanty
2nd – Richard Amber Carroll
3rd – Winton Mahar

B Grade;
1st – Matthew Bernal
2nd – Peter Booth
3rd – Colin Locke

C Grade;
1st – Brooke Lendvay
2nd – Tyler Reeves
3rd – Lance Beament

D Grade;
1st – Sandra Cowling
2nd – Richard Wells
3rd – Jim Knott

E Grade;
1st – Jarrad Murfet
2nd – Tony Savage
3rd – Leaanne Szmekura

G Grade;
1st – John Hillier

And congratulations to the FHaT Team, as the Teams Competition was concluded, and a more detailed report is to come.

And a special thank you to Scott Murchison and Pizza Capers for providing the great Xmas pizza feast, and all those that brought a plate of food, thank you.

In sensational summer weather conditions, today’s Feature Handicap, the “Adina Place Blackwood Creek 70 ” and the “Blackwood Creek Dash” were run, with great support from near 60 plus riders on the day. Special thanks to Marty Neu, for his generous continued sponsorship of these races.

In a race that had it all, ” Woolgate ” and a N.R.S. like sized peleton. With the 4th Scratch bunch just sneaking through before a river of sheep started crossing the race course between paddocks, at about 26km into the race. Causing the 3rd Scratch bunch to wait and the closely chasing 2nd Scratch to catch them. This super sized bunch, once through the river of wool, made short work of then bridging across to 4th Scratch, at around the 45km mark and then proceeding to go through to the front of the race by near Cressy. Then finishing in a big bunch sprint for the line.

Special thanks goes out to all those who helped out today, from the ladies on the desk and finish line; Eileen John Hillier, Lynne Woodfall, Amy Moore and Doreen Stevenson.
Also thanks to Jenny Butler for Commissairing a very large bunch of riders, Noreen Hogan and Gavin Moore for Tail Car, Michael Dalton for Lead Car. Also Phil Stevenson, Keith Dolting for marshaling and Gary Woodfall for the impending photo’s. And Sherry Gibson for Tail Car of the Blackwood Creek Dash race.

Blackwood Creek 70 results;
1st and Fastest time – Dave Bingley
2nd – Mike Walsh
3rd – Scott Schilg
4th – Zane Carr
5th – Shane Delanty
6th – Paul Rowlings
7th – Paul Morgan
8th – Kathryn Woolston
9th – Doug Blackerby
10th – Dale Woolston

1st Over 60 – Bob Bright

Blackwood Creek Dash 40 results;
1st – Brian Finn
2nd – Leaanne Szmekura
3rd – Craig Morgan

True to the Cressy tradition of relentlessly strong NW winds, today was all about hiding, suffering or just trying to survive back to Cressy. A good turn out of riders, given the a fore mentioned conditions. And extra well done to G Grade who raced the whole course.

And special thanks to Eileen Hillier, Amy Moore, Jenny Butler and Noreen Hogan, whose assistance on the sign-on desk, finish line and organizing of the riders are greatly appreciated every week, thank-you.

Thanks also to Keith Gibson, for filling in as commissaire and helping out as corner marshal, and as well as, thanks to the tail and lead cars for their help.

A Grade
1st – Scott Schilg
2nd – Andrew Flanagan

B Grade
1st – Martin Simpson
2nd – Colin Locke
3rd – Ricky Allen

C Grade
1st – Tyler Reeves
2nd – Bob Bright
3rd – Craig Brooks

D Grade
1st – John Frankling

E Grade
1st – Justin Clements
2nd – Danielle Patten
3rd – Olivier Chartrain

F Grade
1st – Leaanne Szmekura
2nd – Kevin Morgan

G Grade
1st – Craig Morgan

In what could be described as exceptional weather conditions for today’s Bracknell Roubaix Graded Handicap, seeing that there was no rain, hail and mud. Riders had to just contend with the strong SE wind. Around 25 hardy riders signed on for the race, and even with good start times given out by the Chief Handicapper, it still would prove to be ideal conditions for the Scratch riders.

A very large thank-you to the ladies on the sign-on desk and finish line, Lynne Woodfall, Amy Moore and Eileen Hillier, who battled very windy weather elements the whole morning.
Also special thanks to the corner marshals and Race Commissaire for their work, greatly appreciated.

Overall Results;
1st – Paul Butler
2nd – Andrew Margison
3rd – Paul Rowlings

A & A+ Grades
Paul Butler
B Grade
Matt Challis
C Grade
Nick Lawrence
D Grade
Leigh Austin
E Grade
Tony Savage
F Grade
Kevin Morgan

Winner of the two lap G Grade GMS;
Andy Hodson

An excellent turnout today given the great weather and the running of ‘Sally’s Ride’ charity challenge. Strong show of support from FHaT team making the race a sea of orange across most grades. More than 40 riders signed on today which contributed to solid team racing conditions overall.

As always, a BIG thank you to the ladies on the desk and finish line – Eileen Hillier, Lynne Woodfall, and Amy Moore.

Thanks also to all the duty marshalls/riders today – Gary Woodfall, Greig Watson, Scott Watson and Amber Carroll.


A & A+ Grade
– 1st Winton Mahar
– 2nd Richard Carroll
– 3rd Scott Schilg

B Grade
– 1st Andrew Brown
– 2nd Ricky Allen
– 3rd Geoff Rollins

C Grade
– 1st Tyler Reeves
– 2nd Nick Lawrence
– 3rd Darren Turner

D Grade
– 1st John Frankling

E Grade
– 1st Nat Walker
– 2nd Olivier Chartrain
– 3rd Ian Fenton

F Grade
– 1st Kevin Morgan
– 2nd Leigh Pridmore

G Grade
– 1st Brian Finn

In what could be described as picture perfect conditions Deloraine also proved to be a perfect sprinter’s playground as well. A good turn-out for the day’s races with around 45 riders attending.

Thanks goes out to the wonderful ladies on the desk and finish line – Amy Moore, Lynne Woodfall, Noreen Hogan, and Eileen Hillier.

A & A+ Grades
– 1st Marty Neu
– 2nd Paul Butler
– 3rd Paul Rowlings

B Grade
– 1st Matthew Bernal
– 2nd Tim Scott
– 3rd Andrew Brown

C Grade
– 1st Martin Simpson
– 2nd Phil Stevenson
– 3rd Lance Beament

D Grade
– 1st John Frankling
– 2nd Jim Knott
– 3rd John Lowe

E Grade
– 1st Olivier Chartrain

F Grade
– 1st Kevin Morgan

Fantastic weather in the sprinters paradise of Symmons Plains race course. Excellent numbers bolstered with another great turn-out from the ‘Come and try’ on the day riders.

Most grades ended up in a bunch sprint apart from A and A+ grades which were shattered in the first few minutes when Greig Watson and Luke Moore attacked and rode away from the gun which the rest of the race chasing them with only Adam Hartley having the strength to bridge across and then win the crit.

Thanks once again to the ladies on the sign on desk and helping organise the ‘Come and try’ riders – Amy Moore, Doreen Stevenson and Eileen Hillier.
Thanks also goes to Collin Burns for setting up for the day.

A & A+ Grade:
– 1st Adam Hartley
– 2nd Greig Watson
– 3rd Luke Moore
– Prime Sprint – Greig Watson
B Grade:
– 1st Matt Challis
– 2nd Michael Bailey
– 3rd Matthew Bernal
– Prime Sprint – Brian Dabner
C Grade:
– 1st Lance Beament
– 2nd Julian Clayton
– 3rd Scott Watson
– Prime Sprint – Will Swan
D Grade:
– 1st Richard Young
– 2nd Marius Rybak
– 3rd Brendan Spurr
– Prime Sprint – Brendan Spurr
E Grade:
– 1st Peter Dadson
– 2nd Justin Clements
– 3rd Danielle Patton
– Prime Sprint – Tim Gunton
F Grade:
– 1st Leaanne Szmekura
– 2nd Kevin Morgan
– 3rd Patrick Dennis
– Prime Sprint – Kevin Morgan

A great turnout of 56 riders were treated to pleasant Cressy conditions, with light winds, overcast skies and a bit of misty rain.
Also thanks to the grades that welcomed and raced with the 10 or so ” Come and try ” riders. With some of these new riders mixing it up in the results, which should be great encouragement for next week as well, at the Symmons Plains Crits.

Today was also the first of the clubs ” Teams ” Graded Mass Start racing roster. And most teams were able to notch up some initial points, which will only add to the competition. A more comprehensive points table will be posted soon.

Many thanks to the ladies on the desk, Lynne Woodfall, Amy Moore, and Eileen Hillier, who helped organize the new riders, as well as some of the race committee placing these riders.

A & A+
1st. A. Margison.
2nd Greig Watson.
3rd Paul Anthony Rowlings.

1st Matt Challis
2nd Matthew Bernal
3rd Peter Booth

1st A. Brown
2nd Lance Beament
3rd Phil Stevenson

1st Justin McMullen
2nd Jim Knott
3rd M. Hobarth

1st Olivier Chartrain
2nd Justin Clements
3rd Danielle Patten

1st G. Garwood
2nd Kevin Morgan
3rd Leaanne Szmekura

The arm and leg warmers could finally be removed for the NVCC 100km challenge from Bishopsbourne, sponsored by Legana Tyres and More. The lumpy course definitely brought out the club’s tough men and ladies.

Kevin Morgan is showing great form and won the shorter 54km F grade race from Brian Finn and Andy Hodson.

Olivier Chartrain was the E grade winner with Ric Easton taking out D grade.

C grade split on the first ascent of Richardson’s Cutting with the resulting lead group of 4 working well together for 70km to stay away. Martin Simpson looked strong to take the win from Nigel Davies with consistently strong Brooke Lendvay in third.

The B grade brunch was also whittled to 4, also at Richardson’s Cutting but on the second lap. A bit of Fhat teamwork allowed Colin Locke To get the jump on Peter Westbrook 2km from home with an exhausted Ricky Allen in third. The handicapper saw Longford to Campbelltown winner Locke’s win and smiled.

The large A grade bunch stayed together until the last couple of kilometers. Zwift e-crit champion Aaron Dunn was the strongest, taking the win from Richard Carrol and Greig Watson.

Thanks to Mick Luscombe at Legana Tyres and More for his generous sponsorship. As cyclists’s knowledge doesn’t usually extend to cars and engines, I’m sure may of us will seek out Mick’s expertise. Mick’s generousity even extended to corner marshalling.

Thanks also to Mik Siggins, John Frankling and Noreen Hogan for volunteering for duty. Jenny Butler as commissare. Gary Woodfall and Bree Delanty for photos. Gavin Moore for first aid. Patrick Coe for setting up the course. And last but not least Eileen John Hillier, Amy Moore and Lynne Woodfall for doing the front desk and line.

Aside from the strengthening breeze, conditions were tickety-boo for today’s 39km GMS race at Westbury. Yes, they were tickety-boo.Though a short course, the lumpy terrain kept riders working hard.

F Grade
1st: John Hillier
2nd: Andy Hodson

F Grade Dash
1st: Kevin Morgan

E Grade
1st: Danielle Patten

C/D Grade
1st: Lance Beament
2nd: Marcus Cramp
3rd: Phil Stevenson
1st: Jim Knott (D Grade)

B Grade
1st: Doug Blackaby
2nd: Peter Westbrook
3rd: Peter Booth

A Grade
1st: Andrew Margison
2nd: Marty Neu
3rd: Dan Loone

Thanks to the volunteers, as always.

Traditionally the biggest vets race of the year, the NVCC Avantiplus Longford to Campbelltown feature race started in bright conditions with over 50 starters. Conditions deteriorated a little, with the promised tail wind becoming a squall which seemed to blow in every direction. It was the B grade bunch, driven by Marty Neu and Doug Blackaby who moved through the field best, eating up the front markers. A group of about 25 was thinned out over the climb 10km from the finish. It was at this point that Colin Locke made the perfect move, soloing over the climb and holding on for a great win. Marty Neu took a well deserved second with last year’s winner, Keith Gibson, in third. Ben Mather had the fastest time.

In the 40km dash, Leaanne Szmekura took the spoils with Brian Finn the KoM and Kevin Morgan fastest time.

The club sends its sincerest thanks to the numerous volunteers who donated their time to allow a great event like the to go ahead. Also many thanks to Ben Mather and Avantiplus Launceston for their generous sponsorship.

L2C platings:

1) Colin Locke
2) Marty Neu
3) Keith Gibson
4) Martin Simpson
5) Brooke Lendvay
6) Tim Burford
7) Andrew Howell
8) Robert Wrigley
9) Doug Blackaby
10) Ricky Allen

Fastest time: Ben Mather

We had a good turnout of riders today for the 55km Bishopsbourne loop through Blackwood Creek. Conditions were fine and cool, with the breeze adding to the workload on a long and lumpy course.


F Grade
1st: Kevin Morgan
2nd: Leanne Szmekura
3rd: John Hillier

E Grade
1st: Pete McCarron
2nd: Justin Clements

D Grade
1st: Cynthia Matson
2nd: Leigh Austin

C Grade
1st: Martin Simpson
2nd: Brooke Lendvay
3rd: Bob Bright

B Grade:
1st: Tim Scott
2nd: Colin Locke
3rd: Ricky Allen

A/A+ Grade
1st: Andrew Margison
2nd: Andy Wells
3rd: Daniel Loone

Thanks to all the volunteers today.

The rain cleared but the usual wind made it a tough 45km GMS from Bishopsbourne, an excellent hit out before the big race in two weeks. In A grade Winton Mahar and Paul Butler broke away at Richardson’s Cutting. Mahar stayed away to take the win from Shane Delanty and Richard Carroll. In the B/C bunch Marty Neu rode strongly in the wind and still had the calves in the sprint to take out B grade from Colin Locke. It was great to see Patrick Coe back racing and dishing out the pain. Ride of the day went to Brooke Lendvay who was the only C grader to hold onto the B bunch and pulled turns the whole way. Brooke therefore won C grade with Robert Wrigley in second. In the D/E bunch, Cynthia Matson won D grade with the improving Ric Easton in second. Justin Clements had a fine ride in E grade, managing to stay and work with the D bunch to take the E grade win. Olivier Chartrain was second. Kevin Morgan had another good win in F grade.

The Cressy flat, fast 45km graded handicap was great preparation for those with one eye on the Avantiplus Longford to Campbelltown feature race in three weeks time. It was always going to be tough for the back markers when B,C and D grades combined just before the end of the first lap. This group shared the load well and couldn’t be caught. Mic Lockyer rode strongly all day and was streets ahead in the sprint to take out the win. Martin Simpson was second and Bob Bright third.

Grade winners:

A Luke Moore
B Mic Lockyer
C Martin Simpson
D Cynthia Matson
E Peter Dadson

Fastest time: Andrew Margison

Congratultions to Tim Burford who is the overall club KoM champion 2018. Thanks to Shane Delanty and Doppio Foods for their sponsorship of what was a great competition, especially in A grade which went right to the wire.

KOM/QOM grade winners:

A grade: Scott Murchison
B grade: Ricky Allen
C grade: Phil Stevenson
D grade: Tim Burford
E grade: Barbara Walton
F grade: Leaanne Szmekura

Overall comp:

1) Tim Burford
2) Phil Stevenson
3) Ricky Allen

Good weather for the final race in the NVCC/Doppio Foods KoM series. Sunny but windy conditions had the riders challenged with a head-wind for the summit finish. The final overall KoM and final grade KoM results have been posted.

Thanks once again to the ladies on the desk – Eileen Hillier and Amy Moore. Thanks also to the Duty Marshalls – Mic Lockyer, Katrina Mahar, and John Lowe. Special thanks to Noreen Hogan for helping out with tail car.

Results are:
A Grade
1st – Greig Watson
2nd – Scott Murchison
3rd – Dave Bingley
B Grade
1st – Doug Blackaby
C Grade
1st – Phil Stevenson
2nd – Bob Bright
3rd – Marcus Cramp
D Grade
1st – Tim Burford
2nd – Grant Murfet
3rd – John Frankling
E Grade
1st – Olivier Chartrain
2nd – Justin Clements
3rd – Peter Dadson
F Grade
1st – Kevin Morgan & Leaanne Szmekura

Tassie was at its best today with sunny, cold, and very windy weather conditions for the 4th NVCC/Doppio Foods KOM series race. A good turn-out of riders considering the wind made the course tougher than usual. With these conditions, most grades split over the hills on the return leg of the course. Again, Greig Watson and Scott Schilg demonstrated their strength breaking away from A Grade.

A big thank you to the ladies on the desk for enduring the cold, windy conditions – Eilene Hillier, Lynne Woodfall, and Amy Moore. Thanks also to the Duty Marshalls – Dave Bingley, David Casalegno, and Roger Butorac.

Thanks to Val from Cycling Tasmania for accrediting four new club Commissaries – Noreen Hogan, Nick Lawrence, Dave Bingley, and Andy Hodson.

Results are:
A Grade
1st Greig Watson
2nd Scott Schilg
3rd Winton Mahar
B Grade
1st Shane Delanty
2nd Tim Scott
3rd Colin Locke
C Grade
1st Phil Stevenson
2nd Rob King
3rd Robert Wrigley
D Grade
1st Tim Burford
2nd Jim Knott
E Grade
1st Justin Clements
2nd Barbara Walton
3rd Olivier Chartrain
F Grade
1st Kevin Morgan
2nd Leaanne Szmekura

Excellent weather today for the 3rd NVCC KOM series race with sunny, warm conditions that were calm at the start, although the wind picked up considerably towards the end making our place-getters work harder for their positions.

Best riders of the day go firstly to Greig Watson for his solo break away off the front of A Grade for the best part of 45 kms, only to be caught kilometres from the finish. And secondly, to Michael McKellar-Stewart for his similarly strong solo break-away for the majority of the race, including his uphill sprint to the finish line.

A big thank you to the ladies on the desk – Eileen Hillier, Noreen Hogan, and Lynne Woodfall. Thanks also to the Duty Marshalls – Gary Woodfall, Justin Clements, James Proverbs, and Brian Finn.

Results are:
A Grade
1st Mike Walsh
2nd Scott Murchison
3rd Paul Morgan
B Grade
1st Michael McKellar-Stewart
2nd Peter Booth
3rd Peter Westbrook
C Grade
1st Brooke Lendvay
2nd Andrew Howell
3rd Keith Gibson
D Grade
1st Tim Burford
E Grade
1st Barbara Walton
F Grade
1st Leigh Pridmore

The drizzle cleared up just in time for the NVCC 45km GMS, three laps around the lumpy Beauty Point loop. The KOM sprint on Green’s Beach Road tended to stretch the bunches. Pete Dadson took out E grade from Tony Savage. In D grade, Jim Knott was strongest in the sprint, winning from Sandra Cowling. Lance Beament is riding well and won C grade from equally consisted Brooke Lendvay. New rider, Michael McKellar-Stewart, moved up from C to B grade this week and won again, getting away in a two man break with Shane Delanty who is also showing some good form. Peter Booth was third. Dave Bingley broke away with A+ rider Ben Mather and took out A grade from Scott Murchison and Paul Morgan.

July 29th Exeter – cancelled due to weather.

With expected perfect winter weather conditions, the Weather Gods smiled on the Vets and the good turn-out of riders were rewarded with the near pristine riding conditions for the first series in the KOM competition.
A and F grades raced within their individual grades, and the other four grades were combined into two; B and C, and D and E to strengthen their competition.
Results were:
A Grade:
First – Andy Wells
Second – Kathryn Woolston
Third – Scott Murchison
B Grade:
First – Shane Delanty
Second – Nick Lawrence
C Grade:
First – Michael McKellar-Stewart
Second – Phil Stevenson
D Grade:
First – Tim Burford
Second – Ric Easton
E Grade:
First – Peter Dadson
F Grade:
First – Leaanne Szmekura
Second – John Hillier
Special thanks to the ladies on the desk and finishing line for their continued support and great work – Amy Moore, Lynne Woodfall, Doreen Stevenson, and Eileen Hillier. Thanks also to today’s Marshalls – Gary Woodfall, Mark Goodwin, and Nathan Brown.

In contrast to the expected picture perfect winter conditions of cool, calm, and dry the weather rapidly deteriorated at pre-race briefing today to wet, cold, and very unpleasant causing many to withdraw from participating in the reduced distanced graded handicap race. Thanks to the efforts of Club Handicapper Andrew Flanagan the race came together in the end. Well done to all those that did participate despite these conditions – a reduced field of only 13 riders. The resulting place-getters emerged from D grade – well done!

Results were:
First – Tim Burford
Second – Ric Easton
Third – Cynthia Matson
Fourth – Jim Knott

Special thanks to the ladies on the desk for once again braving winter conditions at the sign-on and finish line – Amy Moore, Eileen Hillier and Lynne Woodfall. Great to see you back Lynne. Thanks also to the volunteering Duty Marshalls – Gary Woodfall, Phil Stevenson and Andy Wells.

Special thanks also to Michael Bailey for his efforts with the accreditation process for the new club commissaires – Scott Watson, Paul Headlam and Patrick Coe.

For the first time since modern records began, the sun came out AND the wind speed dropped AFTER 10am for the Northern Vets GMS at Bishopsbourne. This resulted in enjoyable racing for those who braved the early cold.

It was good to see 5 F graders on the start line and Kevin Morgan took the honours after a strong sprint.

In the combined D/E bunch, Ric Easton rode impressively to take the E grade honours from Olivier Chartrain. Tony Bagshaw chopped away in the sprint to take the D grade win.

Brooke Lendvay keeps getting faster and had an impressive win in C grade today.

In the combined A/B bunch, a 4 man break of serial attacker Andy Wells plus Winton Mahar, Scott Murchison and Paul Anthony Rowlings took some effort to catch. After the bunch reformed, Win Mahar took out A grade from Ben Mather and Scott Murchinson. Sam Pratt and Shane Delanty rode well to hang onto the A grade riders and finish first and second respectively in B grade.

A beautiful winter’s day greeted riders at Evandale this morning for the 40km race to Deddington and return. A couple of optimists were heard commenting on the lack of wind, but although the northerly arrived around 10am it was certainly more tame than last time we were there.

F Grade
A strong ride from the improving Leigh Pridmore saw him take the line honours.

E Grade
Ric Easton secured third place, with Olivier Chartrain taking second, and Pete McCarron cruising across the line for first and looking quite comfortable whilst doing so.

D Grade
A small D bunch rode well, with Jim Knott taking second place and Grant Murfet grabbing the win.

C Grade
It was a NVCC Committee special in C Grade, with Phil Stevenson in second place, and James Proverbs in first.

B Grade
There were some revelations in B Grade, mainly that Ricky Allen’s new Cervelo is equipped with Vicious Attack Mode (TM), and Shane Delanty has discovered that he doesn’t mind having a dip on the hills. Peter Booth took third place, Nick Lawrence second, and Shane Delanty first.

A Grade
Solid riding saw the A Grade bunch drop a couple of strong riders on the hills near Deddington. In the end Paul Rowlings took out third place, Matt Bernal second, and Scott Smith first.

It was a solid winter hit out for the Northern Vets with a 47km graded handicap from Cressy. As usual, the hills around Richardson’s Cutting splintered a few of the groups. The A+ bunch rode superbly to ride through the race with a few stronger riders from the lower grades hitching onto the train.

Overall winner and fastest time: Greig Watson
2nd overall: Paul Rowlings
3rd overall: Keith Gibson

Grade winners:

A: Paul Rowlings
B: Nick Lawrence
C: Keith Gibson
D: Jason Cowling
E: Olivier Chartrain
F: Kevin Morgan

Well done to Scott Murchison, Luke Moore and Ric Easton on completing their level one commissare course.

Thanks to the ladies on the desk for braving the cold, Gavin on First Aid and James Proverbs for setting up the course. Also Andrew Flanagan for some excellent handicapping.

In what looked like race cancelling weather in Launceston, turned out to be picture perfect Winter conditions in Westbury. With a pleasant temperature, and a nice brisk SE wind, and only just damp roads, only a hand full of hardy racers were keen to sign on.

In what could be well be the inaugural Westbury TTT Graded Handicap, and more likely the last, was raced. With only 2 riders per grade, it was always going to be a race of multiple disciplines. Testing time trialing positions, handicap team work, and ultimately bunch sprinting skills.

With some great handicapping, near 70% of the field were contesting the sprint, and it was a finish that had 3 Grade winners on the podium.

1st : Nick Lawrence
2nd : Keith Gibson
3rd : Ric Easton

And special thanks to Collin Burns and the new commissaires for helping run the race.

Also thanks to the sign on desk and finish line ladies Doreen Stevenson Amy Moore and Phil Stevenson for the help as well.

It was another perfect Winter’s day, for the riders this morning, at Bishopsbourne, once the fog had lifted, and the sunlight had started to have some effect with global warming.

It was fast racing, culminating in bunch sprints predominantly, across all grades.

But unfortunately, as A Grade got to the finish line, a member of the public, had parked their car on, or just over the finish, resulting in a sprint that had all the riders erring on safety, and crossing the line together. It’s with appreciation that they agreed that their race results were nullified, it was, by accounts a very fast average.

B Grade;
1st :Marty Neu
2nd :Shane Delanty
3rd ;Brian Dabner

C Grade;
1st :Lance Beament
2nd ;James Proverbs
3rd ;Brooke Lendvay

D Grade;
1st ;Jason Cowling
2nd :Tony Bagshaw
3rd ;John Frankling

E Grade;
1st ;Olivier Chartrain
2nd ;Ric Easton

F Grade;
1st ;Kevin Morgan
2nd ;Brian Finn

And a special thanks to the ladies on the desk, and also at the finish line, as with A and F Grades coming together at the same time made for some hard finish line calls.

With only the slightest of winds, and just a mere hint of sun, a good sized group of 40+ riders were at Bracknell this morning. With some fast racing, this Cluan course is known for it’s relatively flat profile, giving all riders some opportunities for a break away or the bunch sprint finish.

Ride of the day goes to Tony Bagshaw, for his impressive win, after specializing in, and perfecting the ” Matt Hayman ” training regime on Zwift.

A Grade:
1st :Matthew Bernal
2nd :Winton Mahar
3rd :Luke Moore

B Grade:
1st : Pat Coe
2nd :Shane Delanty
3rd :Nick Lawrence

C Grade:
1st :Phil Stevenson
2nd :Michelle Dabner
3rd :Dyl Craw

D Grade:
1st :Jason Cowling
2nd :John Frankling
3rd :Cynthia Matson

E Grade:
1st :Tony Bagshaw
2nd :Peter McCarron
3rd :Justin Clements

F Grade:
1st :Kevin Morgan
2nd :Leigh Pridmore
3rd :Andy Hodson

A special thanks to Eileen and John Hillier and Amy Moore and Gavin Moore for their help on the desk and finish line.

It was a beautiful racing day at Whitemore for the 40km point score over four laps. The breeze made things a little challenging at times, but it was nice not to be freezing cold.

In E Grade, third place went to Ric Easton, second place to Justin Clements, and first place was convincingly taken by Pete McCarron after his recent return from the Tour de Cure.

D Grade saw Cynthia Matson secure third, Ross Martin second, and Marcus Cramp took the win and continues to look strong.

The C Grade race was another opportunity for James Proverbs to demonstrate his ongoing improvement by taking third. Bob Bright rode very well to take second, but there was never any doubt that Mic Lockyer would walk away with first in a race involving multiple sprints.

In B Grade, Nick Lawrence looked strong as he racked up the points to secure second place, behind Marty Neu who took first place in a race that suited him very well.

A Grade was all about the breakaway. Andy Wells and Paul Butler got away early and kept it that way, with second place to Wells and first to Butler. Win Mahar claimed third place with some well-timed sprints.

Special mention to Scott Smith who managed to pull his foot in such a loud way that some were left wondering if shots had been fired. He then proceeded to sway this way and that in some kind of tribute to drift racing. Finally, he managed to stabilise his steed with both feet dragging on the ground at 40km/h. One rider (a very good looking one) was later heard muttering about needing an emergency trip to the toilet.

With the promise of unseasonably warm and calm conditions at Evandale this morning. It soon returned to the more traditional solid and blustery N-NW wind, that we are used to and expect, as the graded bunches were on the start line.

With a good turn out of some 50 plus riders, across all the grades, there was the potential for some tough racing. With all grades coming to the finish line in bunch sprints, where positioning and timing were key to finishing with a good result.

F Grade;
1st Kevin Morgan
2nd Craig Morgan
3rd Brian Finn

E Grade;
1st Tony Savage
2nd Barbara Walton
3rd Olivier Chartrain

D Grade;
1st Brooke Lendvay
2nd Julianne Smith
3rd Dean Mason

C Grade;
1st Keith Gibson
2nd Bob Bright
3rd Phil Stevenson

B Grade;
1st Brian Dabner
2nd Shane Delanty
3rd Nick Lawrence

A & A+ Grade;
1st Paul Butler
2nd Tim O’Shannessy
3rd Dave Bingley

A special word of thanks to the ladies on the desk, who were also the finish line judges, great work today, as well as Richard Wells, Alister Woodroffe, and Andrew Flanagan for the their marshaling duty today.

Despite the pea soup conditions at Carrick, a strong turnout of riders made for good racing across all grades on the 48km double loop from Carrick through Westwood.

In F Grade, third place went to Andrew Hodson, with Kevin Morgan taking second, and Leeanne Szmekura riding well to take the win.

E Grade saw solid racing, with Danielle Patten picking up third, Mario D’Allesandro second, and Richard Wells first place.

The D Grade race allowed Brooke Lendvay to show her ongoing improvement by taking third, with Marcus Cramp securing second, and William Swan too strong at the end to take first.

C Grade saw the honours going to Keith Gibson with third, the ever-consistent Phil Stevenson taking second, and James Proverbs belting across the line for a deserved first.

The B Grade race was spread out by the end, with Peter Booth claiming third, and a very tight sprint between Paul Headlam and Paul Rowlings saw the latter secure the win along with rumours of a berth in A Grade.

The solid turnout in A Grade led to fun racing, with plenty of tactics and attacks. Matt Bernal was strong as always and took out third place, behind Paul Butler who powered through for second, but was unable to get around Greig Watson who took first place.

It was great after the race to see people buzzing about how fun this race was, and just as good to see so many people enter across all of the grades.

Having completely stuffed up his order with the weather God last week, President Ricky Allen did the job correctly today and managed to pull together absolutely perfect racing conditions for the 2018 Morgan Timbers Quamby Classic.

In the One Lap Dash, third place was taken by Leanne Szmekura, second by Kevin Morgan, and first by Craig Morgan. It is also 50 years since Kevin competed in the 1968 Mexico Olympics, making it a big day for the Morgan family.

The main event saw the mid-markers ride smoothly and strongly in their bunches, therefore managing to hold off the chasing back-markers over the undulating 68km course. Top ten places are as follows:

10th: Ricky Allen
9th: Phil Stevenson
8th: Scott Watson
7th: Bob Bright
6th: Michelle Dabner
5th: Paul Headlam
4th: Doug Blackaby
3rd: Nic Lawrence
2nd: Mark Goodwin
1st: Peter Booth

KOM on the first lap was taken out by Leigh Austin. Fastest time was achieved by Andrew Flanagan.

The Committee would like to thank Morgan Timbers for their ongoing support of this feature race, as well as the volunteers who kindly offered their time when the request was made. Thanks to everyone who provided food for lunch during the presentation. Finally, our events wouldn’t be what they are without the ladies who ensure that everything runs smoothly.

With what could be argued, as a tough morning at the office, and with a top turn out, just shy of 50 riders signed on to the 46km Graded Handicap. Good numbers across all grades, with E grade fielding a very large bunch, and A+ ( Scratch ), consisting of just 2 strong riders.

B Grade proved that working in a smooth and consistent bunch, will be hard to beat on the day. They rode through the field, and were at the front of the race when it really mattered. Well done to all the place holders.

1st Overall ; Shane Delanty
2nd Overall ; Mark Goodwin
3rd Overall ; Paul Rowlings
4th Overall ; Brian Dabner
5th Overall ; Nick Lawrence

1st A+ Grade ; Andrew Margison
1st A Grade ;Richard Carroll
1st B Grade ; Shane Delanty
1st C Grade ; Phil Stevenson
1st D Grade ; Tim Burford
1st E Grade ; Peter McCarron

A special thanks goes out to Darren Cook, Tony Bagshaw, Keith Dolting, and Kristy Grubits for doing marshaling duties, this was great appreciated as this is a challenging course, with a lot of blind left/right corners. And also special thanks to the ladies on the desk and finish line Lynne Woodfall, Amy Moore, and Eillen Hillier.

Cool and overcast weather greeted riders this morning at Bracknell for the 56km roubaix course. A steady north-westerly wind made for hard work at times, but gave riders a solid tailwind on the gravel section, with A/A+ reaching 60km/h at one point on the fairly smooth surface.

In F Grade, Tania Gaby rode well to be first across the line. E Grade saw line honours go to Mario D’Alessandro, followed by Tim Gunton and Ric Easton. The combined C/D Grade rode well together, with first-timer Andrew MacDonald taking a strong win in D Grade. Nic Lawrence claimed first in C Grade followed by James Proverbs. In the combined A+/A/B Grade race, Andrew Margison just managed to catch Luke Moore near the line, with Greig Watson following in 3rd.

It pains me greatly to say this, but ride of the day must go to Luke Moore. He launched yet another of his well-known attacks early on the third lap, but this one so very nearly stuck – the A+ riders were only able to get near him in the final moments. All of the training time is clearly paying off, but don’t tell him that because today’s race will be spoken of for decades (by him).

March 25th Deloraine – cancelled due to Western Tiers Cycling Challenge.

March 18th Longford – cancelled due to weather.

The Fingal 50 feature race has been won by Peter Dadson. Set off with Tony Savage, these two shared the work the whole race, buried themselves towards the finish and deservedly stayed away. Behind, a large A/B/C grade group formed just after the turn. Driven by Andrew Margison, this freight train couldn’t quite get to the front markers. The D grade group of Tim Burford, John Frankling, Brooke Lendvay and Dean Mason also rode superbly to stay ahead of the chasing pack.


1) Peter Dadson
2) Tony Savage
3) John Frankling
4) Dean Mason
5) Brooke Lendvay
6) Tim Burford
7) Andrew Margison
8) Paul Rowlings
Joint 9th: Doug Blackaby, Matthew Bernal

Fastest time: Andrew Margison

It’s was a windy, sunny day for the NVCC 40km GMS from Bishopsbourne with a good turn out of 57 riders.

Winton Mahar powered to victory in A grade from Andrew Flanagan and Mike Walsh. Outgoing president Luke Moore decided it was time to show that he can sprint, pipping Mark Goodwin to the line in B grade, Steve Muir in third. Mic Lockyer had his second win in a week in C grade, winning from Nick Lawrence. The Bridport/Scottsdale hills are paying off for Scott Watson in third. A sprint finish in D grade saw another win for John Lowe from Grant Murfet and Dean Mason. Richard Wells won E grade from Peter Dadson. It was good see a good F grade field with Andy Hodson winning from Leaanne Szmekura and Brian Finn.

NVCC enjoyed a solid days racing at Symons Plains, sponsored by Cormiston Legal. Over 70 riders greeted the starter. All grades finished with bunch sprints except A grade where the impressive three man break of Ben Mather, Paul Butler and Andrew Flanagan stayed away.


A grade
1st Ben Mather
2nd Paul Butler
3rd Andrew Flanagan

Prime sprint: Paul Butler
First non placed non A+ rider: Matt Bernal

B grade:
1st Grant Viney
2nd Shane Delanty
3rd Alister Woodrooffe

Prime sprint: Luke Moore

C grade:
1st Mick Lockyer
2nd Andrew Youl
3rd Nick Lawerence

Prime sprint: Dyl Craw

D grade:
1st Andrew Loft
2nd James Coy
3rd John Lowe

Prime sprint: Richard Young

E grade:
1st Russell Hubbard
2nd Adrian Brotherton
3rd David Clark

Prime Sprint: Russell Hubbard

F grade:
1st Martin Simpson
2nd Danielle Paton
3rd Leanne Szmekura

It was great to see over 15 new riders. all of whom will be very welcome at our usual Sunday races. If anyone as any queries about racing with NVCC, feel free to contact myself or a committee member.

Thanks to to the volunteers who gave up their Sunday to allow the event to run. Gary Woodfall and Phil Stephenson on the line. Lynne, Aileen, Doreen and Amy did a sterling job on a busy day on the front desk. And Gavin Moore as our first aider.

Thanks to Sam Pratt for his generous sponsorship

With perfect conditions, and a cool SW wind, made for some tough racing over the 56km undulating course. With the Limit bunches holding off the fast closing Scratch bunches.

Overall Results;
1st Peter McCarron
2nd Russell Hubbard
3rd Leaanne Szmekura

And First in Grade;
A+ Andrew Margison
A Matthew Bernal
B Brian Dabner
C Peter Booth
D Tim Burford
E Peter McCarron
F Leaanne Szmekura

And special thanks to the ladies on the desk, who were also the Finish Line judges, greatly appreciated, and those who did their marshaling duty today.

A good field of 47 Northern Vets took on the lumpy Exeter – Flowery Gully 37km GMS. The climbs split all bunches and made for hard but fun racing. Andrew Flanagan and Matthew Bernal combined to hold off chasing A+ rider Greig Watson in A grade, Flanagan taking the win.

There were 4 left after the hills in B grade. Paul Rowlings is powering along nicely at present and was a deserved winner from Sam Pratt and Doug Blackaby.

A sprint finish in C grade saw Nick Lawrence take the honours from Phil Stevenson and Craig Brooks. Brooke Lendvay had a fine solo win in D grade from Julianne Smith and John Frankling.

Leigh Austin pipped Pete McCarron by a whisker in E grade, Justin Clements in third.

Brian Finn took the honours in F grade.

The Northern Vet’s were blessed with some of the hottest racing, in weather conditions, with those there and pinning on a number, will likely attest to, so far this year. With special thanks to the ladies on the desk and finish line, with James Proverbs, generously helping out. And thanks also to Craig Brooks, Bree Delanty, and Barbara Walton doing Corner Duties.
A & A+ Grades;
1st Matthew Bernal
2nd Dane Leedham
3rd Paul Morgan

B Grade;
1st Shane Delanty
2nd Paul Rowlings

C Grade;
1st Nick Lawrence
2nd Tony Roughan
3rd Robert Wrigley

D Grade;
1st Robert Purse
2nd Oliver Chartrain
3rd Micheal Dalton

E Grade;
1st Peter Dadson

F Grade;
1st Andy Hodson

In a perfect way to brush off the holiday cobwebs, the vets were sent up past Poatina village from Cressy. The climb to the village reminded most riders why they love racing, tongues to the tarmac with 30km to go.

Ben Mather made light of his 60 second handicap to win A grade from Gene Finn.

In B grade, Geoff Rollins and Paul Headlam took off at the crest of the climb and were never seen again, finishing in that order. Paul Rowlings had a strong ride in third.

New rider Dyl Craw had a good win in C grade from Warren Moore and Peter Booth. Grant Murfet won D grade from Tim Burford and Brooke Lendvay.

John Lowe looked strong in E grade, winning from Barbara Walton.

Andy Hodson was the F grade winner from Leaanne Szmekura.